evangelism update

EE 11/11/2712

    Lance, Theresa, and Dave went out on visitation. We checked on a family who had been coming over the past few years. They were having dinner at the time, so we made an appointment for the future. After that we decided to knock on some apartment doors. The first building we stopped at was open. The first apt. that answered our knock was an older man who was not intererested. I knew we were in the right place but felt a need to stop and pray, so we did. After that we knocked on another door and a woman named K opened the door. Although she did not invite us in, we had a pleasent talk. I was able to share the mission of the church, gave her some church info and a gospel tract, and we were able to ask her the diagnostic questions. She said she has been thinking about church and said she would visit. Theresa prayed for K before we left, which K appreciated. Please pray for K.

    The next person we talked to was D1. He was a young man who said he attended St. Peters in Antioch. He “had his own thing going” and did not want to talk to us. After that we met a woman in the hallway named Dl. She said she was in a hurry to get to bed so she could wake up at 3:30 am. Then she promptly spent 15 minutes talking to us. She is also a Roman Catholic. While we did not get into a serious spiritual discussion we did discuss her life and her needs and we prayed for her. After she went upstairs a door opened and a young man named D2 came out. He is a Christian and a single parent. He was very friendly. He attends another local evangelical church but has not been able to attend on Sundays because he has been working every Sunday. He asked about CCLV’s Wednesday evening service and is planning on visiting. We encouraged him to listen to the church’s radio station. We prayed for him as well.

    It was a good evening. God answered our prayer to supply us with people to speak with on a cold Nov. evening. Praise God. Please pray that K, Dl, and D2 visit CCLV in the near future.

ps; on a future note please pray we could get some door hangers. Many apts had nobody home and we could have left some church info and gospel tracts if we had some hangers.

EE 11/6/12

    Even though last evening was an election night our team still went out to share the love of Christ. Theresa, Dave, and I attempted a visit to a home that was referred to us by a memeber of CCLV. When we arrived nobody was home, so we visited the memeber to make sure we went to the right home. We did. She gave us another home in the neighborhood to visit. When we stepped back outside into the cold rainy night I noticed a light was on at the original home, so we went back and knocked on the door. A woman named N opened the door and invited us in.

    All of us participated in the Introduction. I asked N the diagnostic questions. The first one she said she was “pretty sure” she would go to heaven when she died. The second question she said she was trusing in “Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior”. Praise God. Upon hearing her answers that led me to believe she merely needed an assurance of her salvation and proceeded to share the gospel. I shared Grace, briefly shared Man, and then shared God. Before I started Christ I asked, “who do you say Jesus is”? N said that Jesus was a man. As I probed further we found out that N did not know that Jesus was God and did not have an understanding of the Trinity. She was a little unsure about why Jesus had to die. Basically, N needed to do some study of basic Bible doctrine. She has been attending a Bible Church for 2 years. We continued on and shared Christ and Faith. I did not press her for a decision because she needed to take care of her children and because I will see her again on Saturday. We are giving her some furniture. Please pray for N and her continued growth in Christ. God is reaching out to her and she is reaching back. Praise God.

EE 10/30/12

Last night Theresa, Dave and I went out. The first house we went to was a family who had come to VBS in the summer. They did not want to talk to us at that time so we left. We proceeded to the College of Lake County to do some questionaire evangelism. We were able to complete 3 questionaires. I did 2 and Theresa did 1.

The first person I spoke with was Chase. He was an agnostic, but had an extensive church background and was very familiar with church lingo. He attended Catholic, Lutheran, and non-denominational Evangelical church. For whatever reason his questions were not answered. He does not dis-believe in God, but is not actively seeking at this time. He had to go to class, so the discussion ended. Pray for Chase.

The second person we spoke with was Max. Theresa did the questionaire with him and when she was finished she asked him if she could talk more and he said, “YES”. Praise God. Theresa shared Grace, Man, Christ, and a portion of Faith. After she was finished I clarified some things. Max was a great guy, but was unconvinced still. He too was an agnostic, but was trying to live a good life. Pray for Max.

The third person we spoke with was Conrad. Conrad does attend Roman Catholic church on occasion. He believes in God and believes he is going to heaven because, “he has always been a good guy”. God will judge on being more good than bad. After the questionaire I was able to share all of Grace and Man before he had to go to class. Pray for Conrad

All of these young men were great guys. All want to be good people. All of them had significant church backgrounds and yet did not understand the gospel. We tend to assume that college kids don’t know about church. That is a false assumption. The problem is that the churches are not explaining the gospel to them. Pray for these young men and also pray for the churches.

Also, we did hand out about ten gospel tracts as well. Gospel tracts continue to speak even when we have left. Don’t leave home without them. 😉

EE 10/21/12

    Last night Theresa, Dave, and I went out on visitation to more families whose children come to K4J or came to VBS. In the case of N, her children come to both, Praise God. We had a friendly visit and mainly shared how thankful we were that N allwed her children to come to church. While N does not attend church herself, she has been actively involved in helping the church with various outreach projects. I told her she was more active than many regular attenders. She lives directly across the street from one of our members; A&B. We visited with them after departing from N’s home where we talked and prayed before returning to church.

Pleases pray for more opportunities in the future to share the love of Christ with N and her family.

EE 9/25/12

    Theresa, Marvin, and I went out on Tuesday evening. We are still visiting folks who allowed their children to come to VBS this summer. Theresa was in charge of the introductions and did a great job. The 2 families that we visited know members of Calvary. The first home we visited “S” came to the door and spoke to us through the screen door. We found out there family attends Village Church of Gurnee. We had a 10 minute chat, thanked “S” and moved on. Our second visit was more productive. When we arrived at the house the family was outside in the driveway. We chatted for about 15 minutes and then I was able to share a church testimony, ask the diagnostic questions, and shared a portion of the gospel. Marvin prayed for “L” in the driveway. It was a good visit, even if it was a bit disjointed. This family also attends another church. Our policy is if a family attends another Christian church that we do not attempt to persuade them to come to our church. That is “sheep stealing” and highly frowned upon. However, I never assume that because they attend a church that they understand the gospel. That is the purpose ofthe diagnostic questions; to know what a person is trusting in to have their sins removed and have eternal life. Many in the churches still trust in “being good” and don’t realize the only thing thing that can wash away their sin is the Blood of Jesus Christ.

    We actually ended early and were back to the church by 8pm. Normally I continue to look for opportunities until 8:15 pm or even as late as 8:30 pm. Because this was Marvin’s first time with us I did not push it. Please pray for these families and for us. Even though I have been doing street evangelism and visitation for 17 years I have so much to learn. Pray for me, that I learn to allow my trainees to flex and grow. Sometimes I come to “the rescue” too early and quench the Spirit.

EE 9/18/12

    Matt, Theresa, and I went on a follow-up visit to drop off some extra literature to a man we had shared the gospel with previously. He invited us in and we had an hour of fellowship. While we did not share the gospel again, we did discuss church, Bible Study, etc… It was a good visit.Pray for this family and continued opportunites to share the Love of Christ with them.

EE 9/11/12

    Matt was unable to make it, so Theresa and I met for prayer. After that I went alone to my new prayer partners home where we discussed things and spent some time in prayer.

    The key to evangelism is not just having a method or memorizing scripture and an outline and some illustrations. Those things are important. But it is more important to go in God’s power and not our own. It is easy for the equipped evangelist to go out and witness. But when we do that without the covering of prayer, we are atempting to do God’s work without God’s power. Prayer is absolutely necessary.

    So often churches will not pray for evangelists. They want to “wait and see” if the evangelist is effective before they begin supporting him/her with prayer. That is absolutely backwards thinking. Pray for God to empower the evangelist. If churches did that once in a while, “Oh what a difference we would see”.

EE 8/28/12

    Last night Theresa, Amanda, and I went to visit families who allowed their children to attend VBS in July. We went to the home of C & B. We were invited into the home and had a great visit. Both of them had Roman Catholic backgrounds but were no longer regularly attending. Their children were invited by friends who attend Calvary Chapel. Both were eager to hear the Gospel and had many questions, so we spent over an hour doing just that, sharing the Gospel and answering questions. We have an open door to return with more materials. Please pray about this visit.

EE 8/7/12

    Last night Matt, Theresa, and I visited in the home of a woman who allowed her 3 children to come to VBS this year. We attempted to visit her last week, but she was not home, so we made an appointment for last night.  It was a really good visit. Her background was a longtime Methodist. She did not have a clear understanding of what the Bible taught on how to receive eteranl life, but she was interested and willing to listen to us. We were able to share the love of Christ and share the gospel with her. She said it was a lot of information and would be thinking about it. We invited her to the August 26th Greg Laurie Harvest America that Calvary Chapel in Lake Villa is hosting and we thanked her for allowing us to visit her inside of her home. Please pray for this family.

    I asked the diagnostic questions. Theresa shared Grace, Man, and God. Then I shared Christ. We all gave our testimonies and clarified a few things, and then I eventually shared Faith. Matt did some clarifying as well. While a bit disjointed at times, it was a good visit and we are digesting what we did well and what we could have done better. Either way, God is in control and is glorified when we share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

EE 7/31/12

    Matt, Theresa, and I went out. We got a late start because Matt had to work late. We visited a family who had come to VBS. The mom was not home. The children were being watched by a neighbor named Ben. We spoke with Ben for about 20 minutes. He goes to CLCBC. He mentioned that while he is a beleiver, he does not witness much and that he had not witnessed to his neighbor. We will make another attempt next week. After that we went over the the apartments to check on the many people we had witnessed to there. D & T & J were outside. They were polite, but not interested in having anymore spiritual conversations. We knocked on a door and also met a man in the hallway whom we gave a gospel tract to and some other information. The evening was short and uneventful from a human perspective, but we were faithful. I am sure God can use an hour of faithfulness like some fishes and loaves.  Praise His name. Amen.