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Why EE is superior!

    I have been doing street evangelism and evangelism training since 1995, nearly 18 years. I was originally trained in Evangelism Explosion (EE), but have been exposed to, studied, and trained in a myriad of other methods. In fact my own method is a hybrid of all I have learned. I have implemented much of “Way of the Master” into the EE format when I witness. I have done Louis Palau, Contagious Christian, F.A.I.T.H. from the SBC, read all the witnessing books when I was taking courses from Moody. I am familiar with the Alpha course, the Q project, My Hope with Billy Graham, etc… I am sure if we looked for books and courses on evangelism we could literally locate thousands of them, and there are many authors writing the same books today, except they are marketing them as new ideas.

    But I am here to tell you that EE training is Superior. Why? The difference is that EE is a discipleship ministry and not just an evangelism class. The “class” portion is a minor part of EE training. The real training is actually doing visitation and watching and learning from the evangelist. Each week the trainees participate as much as they want to and as much as they are able. EE training removes the FEAR and gradually adds on knowledge and confidence. A ‘class” never accomplishes this. If you have attended what someone called EE training and you did not leave the building every week and actually “go out” and do “on the job” (OJT) training, then you did not do EE. You did a class. A class on evangelism is merely another Bible Study. You gain knowledge, but it is rarely applied in the real world. You want to be trained? You want the FEAR of witnessing to go away in a matter of weeks? You want to be able to start a conversation at any time with anyone and never worry about whether or not you have the right answer to anything they counter with?If so, the EE training is for you.

Why don’t older Christians evangelize?

    Today I met with a fellow brother and we discussed why many congregations are no longer interested in evangelism, especially older congregations who have a history of 30, 40, 50 years or more. They still talk about evangelism. They love the Lord. They love Bible Study. But it seems their love for lost people has waned. What’s wrong?

    We concluded that the problem is that many of these congregations have had a multitude of well meaning pastors who “preached” about evangelism endlessly, yet never modeled it. They cajoled the gongregation to invite their friends and neighbors to church, and yet the pastor was never able to get his friends and neighbors to come. The pastor would hold revival meetings and even use church money to pay for a prominent pastor who has become a traveling preacher now callling himself an evangelist to come from distant parts to give the congregation a message on the need for evangelism, and yet nobody actaully went and did it. Pastors would come and go and retire and yet nobody was ever trained and equipped to actually share the Gospel. Those that were able to seek out training and become equipped and would actually do evangelism would soon find themselves feeling like a fish out of water; fellow Christians looking at them strangely and not being very excited when they told stories about going out and sharing the gospel with people in the park, at the mall, or at a family gathering.

    The problem is pastors and churches do not equip the saints for good works. They preach to them and convince themselves that sermons are equipping. Jesus didn’t just preach and teach with words. He spoke with ACTION. He modeled ministry. He didn’t hang a sign up in Nazareth and tell the disciples to go get some people to hear him preach. He was on the move constantly. Sermons alone will never equip Christians to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It must be modeled. Sermons can make converts, but they willl never produce disciples. D.James Kennedy said, “Evangelism must be CAUGHT, not taught”. But if the pastor doesn’t do it the people won’t catch it. Most pastors don’t so most Christians don’t either, and the next thing they know is they have invested 25 years of their life and money into a church and a couple of pastors and they have never been trained to share the gospel. It’s a shame.

The New GalatiaU

    Dear Friends

I stopped posting for awhile because I am in the process of revamping GalatiaU. I have no problems with the posts of either the “Cleansing Word” or “Possessing the Treasure”. I am thankful to both John & Mike for allowing me to re-post their Bible commentary. I have decided to move forward and make GalatiaU what I had originally envisioned; a site that teaches people how the share the gospel, and also a site that informs you about the progress of the University of Galatia which I am also moving forward with. During the next couple of months I am going to delete much of the old posts and links and replace them with items that are evangelism specific.

The University of Galatia will be a multi-site evangelism training apparatus. I am in the process of seaking partners here in Lake County who are interested in this endeavor. Everyone talks about Evangelism but so many never want to do it. A lady once told D.L. Mooduy that she didn’t like the way he did evangelism. He asked her how she did it. She said she didn’t. He replied, “I like my way of doing evanglism better than yours” (paraphrase).

Many of the churches (pastors) don’t seem to want to do personal evangelism. They prefer preaching from the pulpit (bring your friends to church to hear me) or encouraging talking to strangers on the internet. I oppose neither of those. But even if we do those we should never neglect personal face to face evangelism that leads to opportunites to actually make disciples that add to the local family of believers.  That’s all for now.

EE at the College

    I stopped into the college during the afternoon to buy some tickets for an upcoming concert and to return some items. While there I wandered over to the coffee bar they have near the Library. I met a young woman named E. We started chatting and found out that I had been printing shirts for many years for the current church she attends.  As the conversation progressed I was able to ask her the diagnostic questions. 1. Yes she is going to heaven. 2. She is going because she tries to live daily for Jesus and tries to live like him.

    Now E has been in church for many years. She knows a lot of the Bible and wants to live for Jesus. Because she did not answer the 2nd question correctly does not necessarily mean she is not a believer. What it can mean is that she needs more knowledge and assurance of her salvation. Her heart is drawn near to the Lord. I could tell that speaking to her. She wants to live for Jesus. But she has been in churches that have not put a priority on discipleship training (this is by the way the category of 99% of churches reegardless of denomination). What does an evangelist do at this point? Share the Gospoel, of course!

    I shared the entire gospel with E. Midway through the presentation is when the distractions came fast and furious (she was working a table). But I stopped, waited until she helped each person, and continued where I left off. This is the advantage of EE training and the memorization of an outline. You can always stay on track or get back on track if you memeorize the outline. It is not a memorization of a gospel presentation. It is merely an outline, like a skeleton, that the evangelist “fleshes” out as they share the Good News.

    Before I totaly finished a student named D came up and began talking with E about homosexual marriage. Clearly the hot topic on every college campus. What a distraction. I advised them to learn how to share the gospel:

1 Corinthians 1:22-23

New International Version (NIV)

22 Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, 23 but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles,

    Other issues are important, but if we preach the Gospel and share the scriptures, God’s Word will penetrate those whom you share it with. “It is the Power unto Salvation” Romans 1:16.

    This situation at the college is also a classic example of the structure of the church; the belief that if believers sit in worship services and listen to sermons that this somehow accomplishes “making disciples”. If this were the case Jesus could have preached each week for 3 years from the Mount of Olives instead of walking 25 miles a day going from village to village. How can new believers learn to “follow” by attending a weekly worship service? How does that eliminate the fear of sharing Christ in hostile situations? I believe in weekly preaching, but this should be only one facet of discipleship training.

    Here is the sad reality: I could have shared the Gospel all day long at CLC. I could do that every day and train others while doing so. It burdens my heart to see so many lost people who could be reached as well as so many believers who would love to learn how to share not being trained. We could have so many more workers in the field if only the pastors and churches wanted to. The church long ago abandoned the notion of having an in-house evangelist(s). The priority of the modern church is to get people into the buildings to listen to sermons. Jesus commanded us to GO! and make disciples. Get out there! The fields are ripe for Harvest!

2013 Evangelism Explosion Training

    2012 is nearly over. Is one of your resolutions to share the gospel more? Have you had any training to do so? Beginning Jan. 3rd 2013 we will begin a new training year of EE at Calvary Chapel in Lake Villa, IL. Each Thursday evening beginning at 6 pm teams have 1 hour of classroom training followed by actual evangelism (on the job training) OJT. This can last until 9 pm followed by updates and, of course, prayer. For 9 weeks I will be prepping 2 junior trainers to become trainers. We will then have openings for possibly 6 new trainees beginning March 7th and lasting until May 30th. If this is something you may be interested in please contact me at lance-artnewvo@comcast.net.

    Do you want to change the world? Do you think the world is going in the wrong direction? Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28).  If you want to learn how to make disciples that make disciples that make disciples, EE training may be for you. Politics is not the answer. Training believers in Jesus Christ to be soul-winners who train others to be soul-winners who then train others is the Biblical answer.

    If your church is interested in EE training, we also offer on-site training as well.


Love in Christ


EE 9/11/12

    Matt was unable to make it, so Theresa and I met for prayer. After that I went alone to my new prayer partners home where we discussed things and spent some time in prayer.

    The key to evangelism is not just having a method or memorizing scripture and an outline and some illustrations. Those things are important. But it is more important to go in God’s power and not our own. It is easy for the equipped evangelist to go out and witness. But when we do that without the covering of prayer, we are atempting to do God’s work without God’s power. Prayer is absolutely necessary.

    So often churches will not pray for evangelists. They want to “wait and see” if the evangelist is effective before they begin supporting him/her with prayer. That is absolutely backwards thinking. Pray for God to empower the evangelist. If churches did that once in a while, “Oh what a difference we would see”.

EE 7/17/12

    Matt and I went into downtown Antioch to do some questionaire evangelism last night. We parked near Piggly Wiggly and then walked around town. We met Felix in front of the Pig and had a quick chat. We then walked over to the laundromat and had a talk with the manager. She is a single mom and has been too busy to go to church. We encouraged her and prayed for her. We then walked over by the library and to the skate park. It was there I met a 17 year old young man named “A”. After talking for about 15 minutes with him and some of his friends he agreed to let me share the gospel in 10 minutes. “A” said he was a Christian because his whole family is. They pray at dinner but do not attend church regularly. He was unsure if he was going to heaven when he died and was uncertain about how one goes to heaven other than “believing in God”. I attempted to get him to clarify, but he did not have an answer. He did agree to listen to me present the gospel for 10 minutes. I did so. I thanked him and gave him some gospel tracts. After he left Matt and I prayed for him and his friends.

    After that Matt and I walked over near the Antioch Recovery Club and engaged a few folks in conversation. Our main contact was George. He was a nominal Roman Catholic who believed that all paths lead to God. As I narrowed the conversation to discussing Jesus he asked that we stop talking about it. We thanked him and moved on.

   It was a good evening. The fields are white for harvest. Please pray for “A” and George.

Being Ready

    The past few weeks I have been riding my bicycle back and forth to work each day. Before I began doing this I loaded my front pouch with gospel tracts and I keep my tract bag in my backpack as well. For me, that is being ready.

    Many of you know that I regularly go out on Tuesday evenings looking for opportunities to share the Love of Christ with anyone I encounter. That is time I set aside for God to train others how to be active and ready to share Christ with those around them. But there are 6 more days during the week, and I want to be prepared then as well, although, becauseof the other demands of life I have not set aside specific time to do ministry. But as beleivers in Christ we are also ambassadors and should be ready at a moments notice for a call from our King.

    On Wednesday evening 6/27/12 I was peddling home and noticed a group of teenagers sitting at three picnic tables at Centennial Park. I stopped, introduced myself and said hi. This began an amazing conversation that lasted well over an hour. I spoke with at least 10 teeens who were coming and going, throwing all kinds of questions at me. It was an amazing mix of teens and ideas and questions. There were a few atheists, some agnostics, a self proclaimed atheist, a girl who said she was a bi-sexual, a boy from crossview Church who said hew was “kind of a Christian”, a girl whose family goes to Faith Lutheran Church (she was the most biblically knowledgeable teen there and firm in her belief in God), plus numerous others. There was also a few kids I knew who used to attend Lighthouse Church on a semi-regular basis. Seeds were definately planted. How do I know? Last night I was peddling home and stopped at the “It’s Thursday” concert in Antioch and who did I see? The same group of kids. Actually they saw me and began talking with me again. There was a new teen with them who asked, “is this the preacher man?”. He knew about me before I met him because they were talking with one another about the encounter with me long after I was gone. Believe it or not kids talk about these things. They discuss heaven, hell, morality, religion, etc…. all the time. They are open to discussions. The young adults in college are open as well. It seems when folks get to be 25-30 is when they begin to close the door on being open to talking about death, heaven, hell, truth, and especially about Jesus. But I find teenagers to be extremely open to discussions even if they seem illogical at times.

    I expect many opportunities with these teens all summer. Please pray for them and for me. And remember . . . Be Ready.

EE 4/24/12

Matt, Theresa, and I had a visit with a family who has been visiting CCLV on and off for a year. This is an appointment Matt had set-up. The family lives near Matt and his children go to school and are friends with M’s children. Matt and Theresa did the entire introduction while I played hot wheels with M’s 5 year old son. Theresa shared her testimony. After about an hour I shared a church testimony and asked M the diagnostic questions. She was sure of going to heaven and gave a somewhat murky answer to the second question, but affirmed that Jesus had died for her. I asked if I could share with her what the church teaches on how to receive eternal life and she said yes. I then proceeded to share the entire gospel. After I finished sharinf Matt was able to share his testimony as well. We prayed with M before we left and she is planning on coming to church in the future.

During our conversation M said that the Christian Motorcycle Association had shared with her previously and that she had been “re-born” then. Previously she had a Lutheran/Catholic background. There is no doubt that M loves God and believes in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus and believes that Jesus is Lord and Savior. She is struggling with many issues at this time in her life. Our visit was to share the love of Christ and re-assure to her the message of the Cross. Please pray for M as she grows in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord. I think attending an adult Bible Study would be good for her. Discipleship.

EE 3/27/12

    Last night Theresa, Norma, and I went to visit an elderly member of the church named Evelyn. It was a great visit. We shared the love of Christ, got to know her better, and prayed with her. It was a great evening. All were encouraged. As we left Evelyn’s apartment she stood in the hallway and watched us leave. She wanted us to stay longer. Very sweet.

    Those of you who know me know how much I love to share the gospel with those who are lost. There are times where we also encourage one another, teach each other, pray with one another, and love one another. Last night the EE training was not about how to share the gospel. It was about visiting those in the body of Christ and showing them love and concern and praying for them.

    Thank you Norma for filling in the last two weeks while Matt was on vacation. It was a joy.