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    As long as you have tracts with you at all times it is easy to pass them out. I gave out two Mark Cahill tract booklets this morning. I gave one to a friend at a business that I do business with. Turns our her mom is into searching about religion right now. She is going to read the booklet before she gives it to her mom. Praise God, two people (and hopefully more as the tract gets passed on) are going to read “The Second Greatest Lie” by Mark Cahill. On my way back I stopped at Starbucks. While ordering my coffee I asked the employees if they like to read. One guy perked up and said yes. I gave him a copy of the same tract. After receiving my coffee I told him I would be back next week and he could tell me what he thinks. He said OK. Both encounters combined took less than 5 minutes. Do you have 5 minutes a day to hand out some gospel tracts that can make a difference for all eternity?

Mark Cahill

Went to hear Mark Cahill preach and teach last night at Cavary Chapel Cardunel in Algonquin, IL. Learned a lot. Added much to my tool box of ideas to use while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. I encourage everyone to visit Mark’s website www.markcahill.org.

EE 2/10/12

    On 1/24/12 I began teaching a new semester of Evangelism Explosion at Calvary Chapel Lake Villa, IL. The two trainees are M and T. The first night of training is the only evening we do not go out. Every Tuesday evening following we go out to intentionally share the gospel and the love of Christ. It is always best to visit those who have already visited the church because they have an interest in spiritual matters and are more open. God has been working on them. Other than visitors we also contact friends, relatives, associates, neighbors, etc…

        On 1/31/12 our team visited the elderly parents of a member of the church. It was a great visit, especially for the first time out as a team. We visited with G and M. Both of them had spent most of their lives attending various churches. G said he finally felt forgiven of his sins and that his heart had been washed clean. M was unsure about going to heaven but hoped she would go. She said this as tears came from her eyes. Both of them asked me to share the gospel. So I did. M and T were greatly encouraged.

    On 2/7/12 both M and T had to miss class. I had to make a choice. Stay at the shop and do more work or go out and seek the lost. I did the latter. I prayed and felt led to go to Gurnee Mills. I circled the food court and began conversing with 2 women; S and K. I asked them if they would answer a few questions from my questionaire. They said OK. My main contact was S. She had gone to church as a youth and occasionally as an adult and believed she was going to heaven. The second question stumped her. She said they had asked that question in youth group years ago. I asked her if she had gotten an answer. She said no. So I asked her if I could explain to her what I understand how the Bible answers that question. She said yes. So I shared the entire gospel. After we were finished she said she understood and was going to return to her church. K was getting restless as well. After that I talked with a muslim man whom I had contact with back in December. HE is open for further dialogue and I am bringing him a gospel of John. I also handed out 6-7 gospel tracts. One of them I gave to a 16 year old girl and she stopped and read the whole thing. Praise the Lord!

EE 11/8/11

Yesterday I had to do a lot of chasing: Get the truck checked for emissions, have lunch with LCBA leaders, donate blood at Lifesource, get an oil change, stop for coffee, and drive to downtown Chicago to pick up Amanda from school (she stayed very late). We also went to the McDonalds on LaSalle. What all of those destinations had in common was that I either handed someone a gospel tract, left one stategically placed, or both. As believers in Christ it is very important to always have gospel tracts with you, especially if you may not have the time to share it personally with 20 people in a given day. Many people down through the ages have come to Jesus Christ through the witness of gospel tracts.

Many Christians whine that they are not gifted in evangelism, or they don’t know what to say, etc…. There are many reasons Christians are unable to witness. If you are unable, but are still WILLING, then you need to always have gospel tracts on your person. Let them speak even when you cannot.

EE 7/26/11

     I have been busy at work for the past three months and allowed myself to become a little lax about intentionally sharing the gospel. It is so easy for all of us who name the name of Jesus Christ as our Lord – Savior – Redeemer – King, to have busy lives where we do not find the time to share the greatest news of the entire history of the universe – that God entered human history in the form of a man named Jesus and died on a cross in order to pay the penalty for our sin and rebellion. We often go through our days, weeks, and months and never share the gospel and say to ourselves, “there weren’t any opportunities” or “I was busy”. I have found in my own life that I need to be intentional about sharing the gospel. This means I need to set aside time to pray for divine appointments and equip myself mentally, physically, and spiritually to seek the lost.

    Mentally: I make sure I am equipped with answers to all sorts of questions I may encounter. I want to have plenty of scripture memorized so I can give answers from the Word of God, and I have a method of sharing the gospel (for me it is a memorized skeleton outline that I flesh out depending on whom I am sharing with). Physically: Clearly I want to be presentable; take a shower, wear clean clothes, etc… Also I make sure I have a small pocket Bible, some questionaires, a pen, a small pad of paper for notes and prayer requests, and some good gospel tracts (I recomend tracts from Ray Comfort www.livingwaters.com). Spiritually: Before I attempt to go out I seek the Lord. I pray for cleansing. I pray that God would speak through me. I pray for divine appointments. 

    I have decided to set aside Tuesday evenings to intentionally go out and seek the lost. I went last night 7/26/11. I rode my bicycle over the the Antioch Skate Park. There were numerous young people there from grade school and high school. I stopped my bicycle in front of a picnic table of about 4-5 people and asked them, “do you go to church?” This sparked the beginning of a flurry of questions and comments as a dozen or more young people came in and out of the conversation for over almost 2 hours. The majority of the kids I spoke with were condescending to me at first. Some walked away. One young man thought it was wrong for me to even talk about religion in public (but he hung around the whole time, and by the time I left he was calm and friendly). There was a young girl who kept telling chastizing the boys who were being verbally abusive to me. She said she believed in God. She listened intently to every objection and to every answer I gave to the objections. After an hour the flurry calmed a bit and I was able to focus with 2-3 kids.

    My main contact was the young girl mentioned above. Her name is Katie. She attends St. Peter’s Catholic church in Antioch with her family. She was recently confirmed and received a Bible. I asked her if I could ask her a question. She said yes. The answer to the first question was , “yes I think I am going to heaven”. The answer to the 2nd question (suppose you were to die and stand before God and He were to ask you, “why should I let you into heaven” what would you say?) was, “I don’t know, I never thought about that”. Remember, she was recently confirmed by the RCC. I proceeded to share the entire gospel with her. Near the end of sharing with her, numerous kids came back and started jumping into the conversation again. I tried to stay focused but finally encouraged Katie to read her Bible and go over the tract I gave to her. She thanked me more than once for doing what I was doing. Please pray for Katie that she understands the gospel and that God continues to draw her.

    Whenever I finish I always try to evaluate what I could have done better. It is always difficult to witness to a crowd. When I am witnessing to multiple people I am always on the lookout for the one or two who are divine appointments and want to listen. Last night that person was there. At the end of shaing I should have asked Katie, “does this make sense to you?” “Do you have any more questions?”. Also, I should have asked her the diagnostic questions again to see if her answers had changed. I don’t beat myself up for forgetting something. God is going to use my witness. But I always want to be better. The only way for all of us to be better witnesses is to set time aside intentionally and to be mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared. In Christ.

Matthew 16:1-4

    Recently, while sharing Christ at the college, a young man named Kevin told me he was looking for a sign from God before he would believe. In Matthew 16:1-4 Jesus talks about this; “The Pharisees and Sadducees came to Jesus and tested Him by asking Him to show them a sign from heaven.” Why were they testing Jesus? Because they knew that everyone was claiming that he was the messiah, and he was not denying this claim. He was teaching with authority and, since they were the religous leaders, they wanted to judge for themselves and for the people that he actually was the messiah.

    But Jesus gave them an answer they did not expect; “A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a miraculous sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah”. The sign was to be three days and three nights in the grave just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a great fish (whale?). When people are looking for a sign to “prove” that Christianity is true point to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Those are historical facts that can be proven legally. Every time anyone has attempted to disprove the resurrection of Jesus they have become a Christian.

    In fact, whenever anyone brings up things like Noah’s flood or dinosaurs or other questions from the Old Testament I give a quick answer and then bring them back to the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus validated Noah, Abraham, and Moses. Jesus spoke about them and the entire Old Testament as if they were historical facts. So if Jesus is God in the flesh and he died and rose again, then all of the OT is true as well. Witnessing becomes a lot easier when we point to our RISEN Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Amen.

EE missionary

      It is an endless frustration to listen to pastors who want to “grow the church” or have the people “do evangelism”. They will try anything from washing cars to revival meetings and concerts in order to attract people to “come to church”. What they will not do is basic discipleship. Why? It’s hard. It takes time. It brings on spiritual warfare. It’s not as fun as picnicing, concerts, or 4-wheeling. I have known pastors who will allow their churches to dwindle to a handful of church attenders rather than disciple them how to share their faith. There are other pastors of larger churches where the members are having tons of fun, but the pastor does not know if the members are saved or not. Hey, they’re coming, maybe eventually they will hear a message and “give their heart to Jesus”.

    Everyone in church and church leadership “talks” about evangelism and if you attend a baptist church you may hear someone praying for “revival”. While I appreciate sermons on discipleship, what we really need is pastors and leaders “modeling” discipleship. How does that look? Open the Bible. Jesus had 12 disciples. They walked, talked, and ate together. Some were closer to him than others; Peter, James, and John. Jesus brought them with Him as he ministered to individuals and to the masses. We also have Paul’s example. He took Timothy and Silas with him as well as many others. He travelled with Barnabas and John Mark. The Great Comission in Matthew 28:18-20 is to make disciples. Implementing EE into the church gives us a wonderful tool to accomplish this goal. It is not a program. My faith, my knowledge, and my passion to share the gospel with the lost is way stronger because I was trained in EE when I first became a Christian.

Share Your Faith Workshop

    On Saturday 4/2/11 Amanda and I went to the Brickyard Bible Church in Chicago to attend a “Share Your Faith Workshop” (SYFW) from Evangelism Explosion. It was advertised to take 5-6 hours, but with lunch and breaks it actually took 7 hours. We were there from 9am until 4pm.

    Over the past 15 years I have been trained in and I have taught many ways to share the gospel. I have also read numerous books on the subject. I am active in sharing my faith, so I have my own methodology as well. The first method of sharing my faith that I was taught was the EE outline so I was very familiar with the outline of the SYFW. It is basically the same outline. The difference is that one is given a tool that never leaves you, unless your hands are cut off. That’s right, the tool is your own hand. Some may now be saying, “what is the difference between this and the roman’s road that used to be taught?” The difference is that the roman’s road method is 5 scripture verses that one memorizes as an aid to sharing the gospel. The SYFW turns this inside out and gives one a gospel outline that you add your memorized scripture verses to in the same way that you begin with a skeleton and then add the muscles and tendons and then the flesh. You build upon the skeleton outline represented by your five fingers by memorizing scripture verses and illustrations. Even though I have been using EE for 15 years I can teach anyone to share the gospel in a short period of time with this new tool. Thank you EE. And thank you Pastor Santiago and your wife Angie and the entire Brickyard Bible Church for hosting this training.