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EE 3/26/11

    Amanda and I went to Gurnee Mills shopping center in Gurnee, IL. We were there from 3:15 to 6:30 pm. During that time we handed out nearly 200 gospel tracts and also shared the gospel or portions of it numerous times. I hand out tracts in a couple of different ways. One way is to stand near an exit. I normally give gospel tracts to people leaving the mall. I figure those entering are on their way to somewhere specific and don’t want to be bothered and may set the tract down somewhere else or they might even complain that they are being obstructed from entering. Those leaving are finished shopping. Their minds are much more open. If they do take a gospel tract they are more than likely going to take it with them into their car. Even if they do not read it immediately, they may read it later on in their car or at home. Another way I hand out tracts is as I am walking around and hand them out as the Spirit leads me too. I keep my eyes open for people who are sitting down looking bored. I try not to interrupt people who are engaged in conversation or are shopping.

    I was able to share the gospel a few times. My first opportunity was with an older gentleman named Mike. He was sitting near an exit watching people. I walked up to him and gave him a gospel tract. He told me he attended church regularly and has been sitting in the same pew at a Roman Catholic church for 60 years. I praised him for his regular church attendence and then asked him if he could explain to me how to get to heaven. He siad “be a good person”. This naturally lead into a discussion about the law of Moses and what sin is. I shared the entire gospel with him and prayed with him. He had to get going because his knee was hurting, so I prayed for healing for his knee as well.

    I handed a tract to a muslim woman. She said they beleive in Jesus too. When we got specific she said he was only a prophet. I then probed her as to where his prophecies were contained. She said, “The Torah” and then corrected herself. I probed further. Eventually she admitted that she believed the only valid scriptures was the Quran and that according to Islam Jesus hasn’t any specific prophecies. She did not want to even acknowledge that there was such a thing as the New Testament. I also met a young woman who was an atheist. Her name is Lauren. I handed her a tract and then she started to ask me questions. We had a very good polite discussion. On the way out of the mall I met a young man named Connor. He was very exited that I was at the mall telling people about Jesus.He was planning on attending a church on Sunday and claiming to be a Christian he said he still had a problem with the Bible because he beleived in Darwin’s theory of evolution. I gave him some reading material and some contact information and we agreed to hopefully meet again. Please pray for Connor, Lauren, Mike, and the other 200 people we had contact with.

EE 3/22/11

    Went to the college on 3/22/11. I went to the smoker lounge and there was a small group of people (about 5) having a conversation. I sat down on the bench and began praying silently. It must have worked because within less than 2 minutes a guy apologized to me for the language the group was using. I had not been paying attention to what they were saying. This did allow me to begin speaking with them. I spoke with a few of them on and off for about an hour. Kevin (who I spoke with last week) came up and joined in. I was able to give him a Mark Cahill booklet “One Second After You Die”. After the group broke up I went over to the library and the art gallery for awhile to read scripture and look at some art. Upon returning I handed out some gospel tracts and then approached a young man named Chris. He said he was an atheist. We discussed creation, God, and morality. It was a fairly good discussion, but Chris dismissed himself after about 30 minutes. Upon refelction I should have spoken about the Law and the 10 commandments as soon as we were discussing natural laws. A seed was planted. Pray for Chris and continue praying for Kevin.

EE 3/15/11

    Tuesday night 3/15/11: I drove Amanda to the college and then went and visited my parents for a few hours. I went back to the college at about 7:50, so I basically had an hour until Amanda go out of class. I went to my favorite witnessing spot; the smoker lounge. Four guys walked out together and I began handing tracts to them and they all stopped and we got into an 45 minute theological discussion. I broke the discussion wide open by asking Spencer (he was a younger man who identified himself as a Christian attending a Lutheran church), “How do I get to Heaven?” He started out very well saying that I need to believe in Jesus, but then I asked, “what does that mean?” He said I needed to read my Bible, but I pressed on, “you’re a Christian, can’t you tell me how to get to heaven, what I need to do?” He seemed uncertain, and so I asked if I could explain what I understand that the Bible teaches about etenal life. I then shared the gospel.

    I was greatly aided in my discussion by an african american man named John. He attends a Baptist church in Zion and is a Sunday School teacher. There was another african american man named Crescoe whose theology was all over the place. He was definately on “shifting sand”, and it was very difficult to keep him focused in the discussion. He had some Bible knowledge, but did not believe in a literal “heaven or hell”. The main contact was a man named Kevin. I had met him a few weeks earlier. He currently attends a Roman Catholic church but does not believe in heaven or hell, or that the Bible is true. He also believes in darwinian evolution. He wants to believe in God and Christianity, but he wants God to send him a “sign”. We definately had a lively discussion.

    My prayer for each of these men this morning was as follows:  John; that being involved in an evangelism discussion would spark him to more active outreach. He clearly is a believer and knows his Bible. I don’t think he is active in his outreach.    Crescoe:  needs to decide if he really is dedicated to finding the truth. He said he did want to know the truth, but I challenged him by reminding him that all of us do not know how much time we have on this earth. He may have 50 years, 5 years, or only 5 days. He is definately a jolly soul, but needs to focus a bit.    Kevin:  is seeking but wants a sign. Please send Kevin evidence that would lead him to the Light of Christ.    Spencer: this man has a good heart. He attends church regualrly, but like many Christians is not able to explain the gospel clearly. He trusts Jesus, and he definately knows the gospel now. Please pray that this discussion encourages him to get more training and be bold in his faith.

1 Samuel 22:2

    1 Samuel 22:2 says, “All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around him (David), and he became their leader.”

    On Thursday evenings I have been meeting with a group of men for accountability, Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. I have been meeting with them for about 6 weeks. Right now there is about 12 men. I am learning a lot from being with these men. My walk is taking a steep climb. I am so thankful I am not climbing alone.

whassup 3/10/11

    Earlier this week I sent an e-mail to Evangelism Explosion because I wanted to know which churches in the area were doing EE training. I was looking for some Christians who believe as I do that the best way to advance the Kingdom of God is to make disciples through the local church; training them to share their faith while teaching them how to do so. In less than a half hour a received a phone call…AMAZING. The EE Midwest regional director called me and it turned out he lives locally. We had breakfast together this morning and he updated me about the many exciting new training ministries that EE was offering and he greatly encouraged me.

    Since I finished the Henry Blackaby study “Experiencing God” at the end of 2010, I am stunned at the sudden churning and turmoil that God is doing in my life. It is good churning and yet challenging.

EE 3/8/11

    Normally on Tuesdays I go to CLC and hand out gospel tracts. Last night I did go to the college, but I spent most of the time working on my comic strip for Due to many factors I have been neglecting it and getting behind. Before I left the college I approached a young man who looked familiar. I asked him if I had given him a gospel tract. He said that I did and that he had read it. This was a great opening. We had a 10-15 minute discussion about who Jesus is, what he did on the cross, and why it was necessary that Jesus shed His blood to pay for sin. His name is Daniel. I thanked him for allowing me to share the good news with him. Please pray that I have more opportunities to build a relationship with Daniel.

    As I left the college I handed out a couple of gospel tracts as I walked through the hallway to the exit.

EE 3/3/11

    I have an “as you GO!” policy to evangelism. By that I mean I share the gospel and hand out tracts “as I go” from place to place. I keep gospel tracts with me at all times. Yesterday I was making pick up and deliveries and I stopped at the Starbucks in Ivanhoe, IL. While I was there I gave 2 tracts to a couple sitting having some coffee and I attempted to give 2 more to some men who were hanging out. While I do set time aside to specifically GO and search for lost people, I also stay ready for those times when I have not set aside time, which is most of the time. “Always be ready for the Hope that lies within you”. Have you witnessed your faith in Christ this day? Gospel tracts are an easy way to start.

EE 2/28/11

    Amanda was too sick to drive to CLC on Monday, but well enough that she wanted to attend class; so I said I would drive her, then go to Mundelein to pick up some orders, and then return to the college. I arrived back at the college at about 5:30 pm. Amanda was not scheduled to get out of class until 6:45 pm, so I decided to hand out some gospel tracts and, of course, try to share the gospel. The first person I saw was sitting outside waiting for a ride. Her name was Samantha. After giving her a gospel tract I asked her if she attended church. She said she did; a Presbyterian church in Lake Forest. I then asked her if she could tell me “how to get to heaven”. She said, “no”. I then asked her if she would like to know what the Bible teaches on how to get to heaven. She said, “yes”. I proceeded to share the gospel with her. She listened very intently. At the end I instructed her to read her Bible and to find leaders in her church to help her take the next step of faith in Christ. Pray for Samantha.

    As soon as I finished speaking with Samantha I proceeded to walk inside the college and hand out gospel tracts as I did so. I stopped and asked a man who I had handed a tract to if he attended a church. He said he did; St. Paul’s Catholic Church. I asked him his name. It was Sam…lol…go figure. I asked him the same thing; “could he explain to me how to get to heaven”. He said, “be a good person”. This lead into a discussion about the Law and specifically the ten commandments. As we were getting deeper into the conversation a man walks up and interrupts us. It turned out Sam was carrying a pizza…he was the pizza delivery guy. After he made his transaction we continued talking for another 10 minutes. Sam eventually said he had a religion, did not believe the Bible was translated correctly, and that only the catholic church could interpret the Bible correctly. After that I continued handing out tracts and eventually went to the smoker’s lounge. Pray fro Sam.

    When I arrive at the smoker’s lounge I noticed THEY WERE ALREADY DISCUSSING RELIGION. A whole group of them were talking to a very well dressed young man named Dave. Turns out Dave is a believer from Calvary Christian Center in Lake Villa, IL. After a while I joined in and Dave and I witnessed together to a number of folks.

EE 2/26/11

    On Saturday evening Amanda and I went out at about 5:15 pm. We wanted to hand out gospel tracts, invite people to Calvary Chapel in Lake Villa, IL, and also, of course, share the gospel if we could. We drove to Lake Villa and decided to park in the Walgreens parking lot. I did not want to disrupt any business so I only talke to people who were exiting Walgreens. There was also a very active “RED BOX” video rental site on the premises. From 5:30 until 6:50 we handed out 26 gospel tracts with invitations. Our most significant contact came when 5 boys (middle school age) came walking through the parking lot. I stopped them and asked if I could speak with them. I asked them if they, “thought they were going to heaven when they died?” We had a lively 10 minute discussion. It turned out that most of them had been to church and or were still attending a church. One of the boys, a roman catholic, began asking me some challenging questions and probably would have stayed, but the others began to move on. I gave all of them gospel tracts and invites. The night was cold and rainy. Our toes got very cold. But our hearts were warm and filled with JOY knowing we had done what God had asked us to do.

EE 2/22/11

    I went to the College of Lake County (CLC) in Grayslake IL to do some evangelism. I have been going there on Tuesday evenings for a couple of weeks handing out gospel tracts. This particular evening I decided to change things up a bit. From 7-8 pm I walked around asking various people for prayer requests and wrote down each request. At 8pm I stopped taking requests and went into a secluded section of the library and prayed for 1 hour. I specifically spent extra time on each prayer request. At 9 pm I walked around handing out gospel tracts and seeking opportunities to share the gospel. I have found my favorite spot to be the entrance to the smoker lounge at the center of the college. After handing out a few tracts I noticed a young man standing alone about 10 feet away. I approached him and handed him a gospel tract. He told me he did not believe in heaven. I asked him “so you believe that everyone lives and then dies and we are just essentially worm food?”. He said, “yes”. I then asked, “so it doesn’t matter how we live?” He thought about that and said that it did matter. I asked, “why?” He could not answer that. I then proceeded to discuss the 10 commandments with him. In the process we talked about JUSTICE. He saw a need for human justice, but not for divine justice. I talked about the nazis killing jews and proceeded to current events. I said it was unlikely that the rest of the world would do anything about Ghaddafi in Libya. If he wins and in the process kills thousands of people who will bring him to justice? He had no answer. A seed was planted. Pray for this young man (we will call him Cadesh. God knows who he is).