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EE 4/26/11

    A great Tuesday evening 4/26/11 at the College of Lake County. When I first arrived I talked with Bear for a while. After that I went and had a coffee and spoke with rabbi Bob on the phone and then I prayed for the best way to witness that evening. With cold calling the approach is critical, especially since I have been handing out tracts for many weeks and can’t always remember who received one.

    I decided to do some questionaire evangelism. I went back to the commons smoking area outside. I noticed a young man standing alone. I asked him if he would do a questionaire and he said yes. His name is Brad. He was a completely blank slate. He was not an atheist nor did he know anything about religion. He was a true agnostic. He seemed to have no opinion whatsoever. As far as requirements to get to heaven, he was totally unsure. After answering all of the questions that I had asked him, I then asked if he wanted to know how to get to heaven. He said yes. So I shared the entire gospel with him. At the very end he had to get going back to class. I gave him a gospel tract and thanked him for listening to me. Pray for Brad.

    My second contact was with a man named John. He was standing alone and I attempted to hand him a tract. He handed it back and said he was jewish. I replied, “so was Jesus and all of the apostles”. We then had a great 15 minute discussion about Judaism, the Bible, Passover, etc… I think he was surprised how “jewish” Christianity really is. Please pray for John. He said he was going to go back and read his Bible. He thought all religion was man-made, even Judaism.

    My third contact was a young lady I will call “Lisa”. She grew up attending a Lutheran church her entire life. She even attended private Lutheran school. She doesn’t beleive in God, but she has regular “contact” with the spirit realm. I believed her. She admitted during our discussion that her entire belief system is based purely on emotion and that she would need to rethink her beliefs.

    My final contact was with a young lady named Kayla. Turns out Kayla carries a Bible and Christian books with her at all times. She reads a lot. Kayla’s grandfather is a pastor. Her family and her boyfriend’s family all regularly attend church and have for many years. Kayla was absolutley certain she is going to heaven. The reason she gave for believing she is going to heaven is because she is a good person and does more good than bad and has gone to church all of her life. She also said she believed that “all paths” lead to God. I asked her if I could share what I believe the Bible teaches about Heaven and Eternal Life. She said yes. I shared the entire gospel with her. I could see she was trying not to cry and then her phone rang and she had to leave to catch her ride. Pray for Kayla.

    All in all it was a really blessed evening of sharing the love of Christ with those who are lost at CLC. I also handed out about 10+ gospel tracts.

Holy Week 2011

    This was the best Holy Week since I have been a Christian. Beginning last Saturday 4/16; witnessing at the CCJDC. 4/17 went to Calvary Chapel for worship. They had a great meal afterwards with some good fellowship. Spent the rest of the day at home. 4/18 we had a prayer and worship hour at Calvary Chapel. 4/19 I went to my parents house and then shared the love of Christ at CLC. 4/20 I went to Crossroads Church and spoke to the Evangelism team on how to implement EE and also about doing an evangelism booth at the Lake County Fair. 4/21 I went to men’s “keeping it real” meeting and we had 4 hours of Bible Study and had communion together for the first time. 4/22 I went to Good Friday service at Calvary Chapel. We had worship and shared communion for 2 hours. 4/23 Amanda, Pastor Bob and I went to Gurnee Mills and handed out gospel tracts for 2 hours. I also shared the gospel  with Crystal and Steve. After that Amanda and I went to a sader celebration at Sanctuary Messianic Fellowship. Pastor Steve Barak taught us about Passover for 3 hours. We had great teaching, great food, great worship, and great fellowship. Steve was clearly Spirit filled. what a JOY! 4/24 was Resurrection Sunday at Calvary Chapel. An amazing Spirit filled week focused on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

EE 4/17-19/2011

    On Sunday 4/17/11 I went to my friend’s home and also to my brother’s home. While I have shared the gospel numerous times with them, I really felt as though I missed some opportunities on Sunday.

    On Tuesday 4/19/11 I normally go witnessing at CLC. Because it was my mom’s birthday on 4/20/11, I went to visit with her. When I arrived Robin, Kathy, and Kyle were there as well. Scott, Cody, and Zack were at the bowling alley. I did not go with any plans to share the gospel, I did go to pray that the denomic influence would be removed.

    I went back to CLC and hung out in the commons. I did a little follow up with Kevin. A number of these guys are used to me now and are opening up a bit. Pray for Kevin, Peter, Sparkey, and Bear.

EE 4/16/11

    On Satruday 4/16/11 I woke up at 5 am in order to arrive at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center by 7:30 am. I accompanied a group of Christians for the day in order to share the love of Christ to some young people who have gotten into trouble. This event was hosted by Bill Glass Evangelism. It was a great day. Arrived on time. I was put into a group with two other evangelists and we spent a few hours in 5A. Most of the young men were 16 and possibly facing 20+ years in jail. One young man told me he was getting life. We were able to share the entire gospel with 3 young men; Elias prayed to receive Jesus as Savior. Eric and Johnny renewed their commitment to Jesus. We had a very good discussion. We had lunch inside the cell and then afterwards played some cards with them. I met Adonus, Brown, and Barry after lunch. Adonus was definately a believer. Brown wanted nothing to do with it, he just wanted to play cards. Barry was beginning to open up, but then we had to leave. Please pray for these young men.

EE 4/12/11

    Went to CLC on Tuesday evening 4/12/11. I walked around praying for opportunities to share the gospel. I went to the smoking area in the commons. I walked to the theatre area. I went back to the library and had a coffee. Nothing. I began walking back to the commons and there was a group of students goofing around. They were also going to the commons. I recognized them. One of the students said “Jesus Christ”. Obviously using the Lord’s name in vain. I responded by asking, “are you looking for Jesus?” This opened up a lengthy conversation with “Chris”. I shared the entire gospel with Chris and three others who were with him. The one girl who was there,”Lottie”, was a believer. She attends the Chapel. Please pray fro Chris and Lottie.

Share Your Faith Workshop

    On Saturday 4/2/11 Amanda and I went to the Brickyard Bible Church in Chicago to attend a “Share Your Faith Workshop” (SYFW) from Evangelism Explosion. It was advertised to take 5-6 hours, but with lunch and breaks it actually took 7 hours. We were there from 9am until 4pm.

    Over the past 15 years I have been trained in and I have taught many ways to share the gospel. I have also read numerous books on the subject. I am active in sharing my faith, so I have my own methodology as well. The first method of sharing my faith that I was taught was the EE outline so I was very familiar with the outline of the SYFW. It is basically the same outline. The difference is that one is given a tool that never leaves you, unless your hands are cut off. That’s right, the tool is your own hand. Some may now be saying, “what is the difference between this and the roman’s road that used to be taught?” The difference is that the roman’s road method is 5 scripture verses that one memorizes as an aid to sharing the gospel. The SYFW turns this inside out and gives one a gospel outline that you add your memorized scripture verses to in the same way that you begin with a skeleton and then add the muscles and tendons and then the flesh. You build upon the skeleton outline represented by your five fingers by memorizing scripture verses and illustrations. Even though I have been using EE for 15 years I can teach anyone to share the gospel in a short period of time with this new tool. Thank you EE. And thank you Pastor Santiago and your wife Angie and the entire Brickyard Bible Church for hosting this training.