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EE 6/8/11

    On wednesday evening 6/8/11 I peddaled over to the skate park to shar the love of Christ. I bought some lemonades to hand out. It was really hot out. After sitting, praying, and having a cold drink myself I went over to a group of teens. They were very greatful for the lemonade, and this opened a door for me to talk about church, etc… Basically there were three main teen boys I spoke with. One was totally unchurched, the other had gone to a Christian church, and the third boy was a muslim from Albania. The muslim did not know why he was a muslim other than that he was from Albania and his grandmother was a muslim. His parents no longer practiced the faith, other than when they go back to Albania. I asked the teen who said he was a Christian, “what does that mean?” He said he did not know. We had a good 15 minute discussion where I shared the gospel with them. It was a little disjointed because while presenting the gospel they would interject questions not pertaining to what we were talking about specifically. Clearly a lack of focus. But that is OK, because seeds were planted and the Holy Spirit is at work. While it may seem to us that we have failed if we do not present the entire gospel in a complete and logical format, the reality is that God uses our imperfect witness as well. Just being there and treating them with love and respect is a seed that can go a long way.