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EE 7/26/11

     I have been busy at work for the past three months and allowed myself to become a little lax about intentionally sharing the gospel. It is so easy for all of us who name the name of Jesus Christ as our Lord – Savior – Redeemer – King, to have busy lives where we do not find the time to share the greatest news of the entire history of the universe – that God entered human history in the form of a man named Jesus and died on a cross in order to pay the penalty for our sin and rebellion. We often go through our days, weeks, and months and never share the gospel and say to ourselves, “there weren’t any opportunities” or “I was busy”. I have found in my own life that I need to be intentional about sharing the gospel. This means I need to set aside time to pray for divine appointments and equip myself mentally, physically, and spiritually to seek the lost.

    Mentally: I make sure I am equipped with answers to all sorts of questions I may encounter. I want to have plenty of scripture memorized so I can give answers from the Word of God, and I have a method of sharing the gospel (for me it is a memorized skeleton outline that I flesh out depending on whom I am sharing with). Physically: Clearly I want to be presentable; take a shower, wear clean clothes, etc… Also I make sure I have a small pocket Bible, some questionaires, a pen, a small pad of paper for notes and prayer requests, and some good gospel tracts (I recomend tracts from Ray Comfort Spiritually: Before I attempt to go out I seek the Lord. I pray for cleansing. I pray that God would speak through me. I pray for divine appointments. 

    I have decided to set aside Tuesday evenings to intentionally go out and seek the lost. I went last night 7/26/11. I rode my bicycle over the the Antioch Skate Park. There were numerous young people there from grade school and high school. I stopped my bicycle in front of a picnic table of about 4-5 people and asked them, “do you go to church?” This sparked the beginning of a flurry of questions and comments as a dozen or more young people came in and out of the conversation for over almost 2 hours. The majority of the kids I spoke with were condescending to me at first. Some walked away. One young man thought it was wrong for me to even talk about religion in public (but he hung around the whole time, and by the time I left he was calm and friendly). There was a young girl who kept telling chastizing the boys who were being verbally abusive to me. She said she believed in God. She listened intently to every objection and to every answer I gave to the objections. After an hour the flurry calmed a bit and I was able to focus with 2-3 kids.

    My main contact was the young girl mentioned above. Her name is Katie. She attends St. Peter’s Catholic church in Antioch with her family. She was recently confirmed and received a Bible. I asked her if I could ask her a question. She said yes. The answer to the first question was , “yes I think I am going to heaven”. The answer to the 2nd question (suppose you were to die and stand before God and He were to ask you, “why should I let you into heaven” what would you say?) was, “I don’t know, I never thought about that”. Remember, she was recently confirmed by the RCC. I proceeded to share the entire gospel with her. Near the end of sharing with her, numerous kids came back and started jumping into the conversation again. I tried to stay focused but finally encouraged Katie to read her Bible and go over the tract I gave to her. She thanked me more than once for doing what I was doing. Please pray for Katie that she understands the gospel and that God continues to draw her.

    Whenever I finish I always try to evaluate what I could have done better. It is always difficult to witness to a crowd. When I am witnessing to multiple people I am always on the lookout for the one or two who are divine appointments and want to listen. Last night that person was there. At the end of shaing I should have asked Katie, “does this make sense to you?” “Do you have any more questions?”. Also, I should have asked her the diagnostic questions again to see if her answers had changed. I don’t beat myself up for forgetting something. God is going to use my witness. But I always want to be better. The only way for all of us to be better witnesses is to set time aside intentionally and to be mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared. In Christ.

EE 7/15/11

    Last night, 7/15/11, we went to the “Tast of Antioch” to get some food, listen to some music, meet some people, and hopefully share the love of Christ. Everytime Amanda or I purchased any food we always rewarded the vendor with a gospel tract. I think we gave out 5 tracts to vendors. I met a few people from former churches I attended and a few other folks as well. My main contact was with a man named Tony whom I had met previously. I saw him and yelled out his name. We had a good chat about ministry, churches, pastors, etc… We exchanged #’s and I pray to be able to minister to Tony and his family in the near future. Pray for Tony and for the vendors who received gospel tracts.