Monthly Archives: October 2011

EE 10/16/11

On Sunday morning I went to Community Church of Round Lake to attend their prayer meeting, teach the Sunday School, and then preach the morning message. During Sunday School I taught about Evangelism Explosion. We had a good discussion. During the sermon I was very encouraged that my wife, daughter, brother and my best friends came to listen to me preach and support me. Thank You Tina, Amanda, Jerry, Daryl, Sarah, and Byrdy. I appreciate your support.

I preached a message on the importance of Evangelism using very familiar basic scriptures.

EE in Round Lake, IL 10/15/11

I was scheduled to preach at the Community Church of Round Lake on 10/16/11. Whenever I am allowed the privilege to preach I do a little self promotion and hand out flyers. Because Round Lake is so large and really has no central downtown to speak of, I went to various locations. While driving around on Saturday afternoon I saw a man walking down the sidewalk in Round Lake Park. He was not interested. Next I approached some kids skateboarding in a school parking lot. There were 6 boys and 1 girl of various ages. We had a good discussion for about a half hour. Two of their parents went to Catholic church, but they were all totally clueless about who Jesus is and how to get to heaven. After that I drove to the Walgreens at Rollins & Cedar Lake Rd. I spoke to a man named Matthew. He does not attend any church, but had a catholic background. I invited him to church and gave him a gospel tract. I handed out a few more invitations before moving across the street to Dollar General. I spent about an hour there. I handed out almost ten invitations and had two good discussions with some ladies who were struggling moms. The one mom had 5 kids and was just totally worn out. She was having a smoke break in front of Big Lots. She was a beleiver, but had zero time to attend any church. I encouraged her by reminding her that the church is not a building. Teaching her children about God is her job and she doesn’t need to attend a church building to do that. All in all it was good; seeds were planted.

EE in the city 10/14/11

My wife and I took the train to Chicago on Friday night to meet with my daughter downtown and to bum around to some art galleries and have dinner. After handing out a few tracts on the train and in the train station we walked over to PotBelly. After getting our food I handed our server a gospel tract. Turns out she was a believer. She and her husband are worship leaders at a Nazarene Church on the North side. As we walked around for the next 3 hours I handed out numerous tracts. My favorite target was parked taxi cab drivers. I also met a young man waiting for a taxi at a bus stop. A good night in the city.