Monthly Archives: November 2011

EE 11/15/11

I have been trying to go out every Tuesday and share the gospel. I was unable to go yesterday because it was my nephew’s birthday. Kyle turned 3. Happy Birthday.

While I did not verbally share the gospel at the party, I have shared with everyone there at one time or another. In this case, being there was enough.

EE 11/8/11

Yesterday I had to do a lot of chasing: Get the truck checked for emissions, have lunch with LCBA leaders, donate blood at Lifesource, get an oil change, stop for coffee, and drive to downtown Chicago to pick up Amanda from school (she stayed very late). We also went to the McDonalds on LaSalle. What all of those destinations had in common was that I either handed someone a gospel tract, left one stategically placed, or both. As believers in Christ it is very important to always have gospel tracts with you, especially if you may not have the time to share it personally with 20 people in a given day. Many people down through the ages have come to Jesus Christ through the witness of gospel tracts.

Many Christians whine that they are not gifted in evangelism, or they don’t know what to say, etc…. There are many reasons Christians are unable to witness. If you are unable, but are still WILLING, then you need to always have gospel tracts on your person. Let them speak even when you cannot.

EE 11/1/11 All Saints Day

    On All Saints Day 11/1/11 I went to the College of Lake County. I arrived around 6pm. I immediately proceeded to had out gospel tracts on my way into the main building. When I arrived at the smoking lounge area I called Q to tell him I was there. After speaking to him I walked outside and immediately struck up a conversation with two men; Ian and Louis. Both of them said they were recently thinking about God and were open to a conversation. After talking about their church backgrounds; Ian was an Episcapalian and Louis had attended an evangelical church in Lake Forest. We had some minor comments regarding prophecy, Israel, and science until I returned the direction back to salvation. I asked them if I could ask a few questions. Both agreed. Q1: “Have you come to the place in your spiritual life where you know for certain that if you were to die today you would go to be with God in Heaven, or would you say this is something you are still working on?” Louis said Yes, and Ian said he was still working on it, but believed he would go. I then shared 1 John 5:13 and asked if I could ask a 2nd question. Q2: “Suppose you were to doe tonight and stand before God and he were to ask you, Why should I let you into Heaven, what would you say?” Louis said he “imagined” there was no heaven or hell. Ian said he was a “good person”. I clarified with both of them and then proceeded to share the gospel. It went really well, but about halfway through Ian said he already believed in Jesus. I did some clarification on what true saving faith is and then Ian had to go. Louis was still trying to imagine we did not have a conversation.

    After that I went and had a cup of coffee and handed out gospel tracts. I went to the southeast exit and handed out tracts. I remineded people it was All Saints Day and explained what that meant. I was there for 30+ minutes holding the door for folks coming in and giving tracts to those leaving. During this time a group came out to smoke. One woman asked me if I was a student. I said no, I am an alumni. After leaving she complained to security. I did not know it. Basically when there weren’t any people I headed back to the smoking lounge and passed a security guard who was talking on his radio about “a guy who was handing out flyers”. God has perfect timing 😉

    For the rest of the evening I was handing out gospel tracts and money tracts. I handed out 100 money tracts and 150+ gospel tracts. Pray for Ian and Louis.