Monthly Archives: February 2012

EE 2/28/12

    T, M, and I went out on visition. We returned to the same apartment complex as last week to follow up on the appointment with R that was cancelled. We knocked on the door and the occupants would not come to the door. They were home but just refused to acknowledge us. Since this was my third visit they knew who we were. Cleraly there is a spirit of fear at work. Please pray for this spirit to be removed and bound for R and his family. 

    Our routine is to return to the car and pray. That is what we did. We went back into the apt. building to see if we could possibly locate H and follow up with her. We knocked on an apt. and a man named P came to the door. He was an atheist. He said he was not interested and yet stood at the door and spoke with us for nearly 10 minutes. When I offered him a gospel tract after thanking him for speaking with us he took it. It was a good visit. A seed was planted.

    After that I checked the time and it was only 7:45pm. Plenty of time. We found H’s apt. but could hear she was on the phone so we went downstairs. There was an apt. with a large “welcome” banner on the door. We knocked. A woman opened the door and told us to come in. Her name is Nancy. She goes to a local church in Antioch. She said she was lonely and had been praying for some visitors and then we showed up. Praise God. Nancy is a joyful believer who has been serving Christ for many years. We shared testimonies, talked, laughed, and prayed for nearly an hour. It was a great visit.

    Thanks You God for providing an open door when another closes.

EE 2/21/12

On Friday pastor John met a man named R in the Jewel parking lot in Antioch who needed some help. He passed the name along to me and on Sunday I bought R some basic staples like bread, milk, cheese, and turkey (items not available at the food pantries). I picked him up and took him to Piggly Wiggly and we shopped together for a few items. I took him home and met his wife and daughter and set up an appointment to visit on Tuesday evening. When M, T, and I showed up R told me his family was sick. So we went back to the car and prayed for another appointment. We went back into the apartment building and saw a woman named H going to the laundry room. I told her who we were and why we were there and we were able to share the entire gospel with her and pray with her afterwards. Near the end of the gospel presentation R came down and apologized for having to cancel the appointment and we made a new one for next Tuesday. Please pray for H and for R and his family.

EE 2/14/12

Went to CLC last night (Valentines Day) to train T & M in questionaire evangelism. When we arrived the school was doing a tornado drill. Since it was Valentines Day I brought a bag of bite size candy bars and M & M’s. We met a man named Woody and gave him some candy and a gospel tract. He declined to do a questionaire (Q). First Q was with a young man from Korea. He did not want the gospel shared but we had a good conversation. The next person was a student named Arturo. We were able to share the entire gospel with him. After that we met Mark. It turns out Mark attends a local church in Gurnee for 3+ years. His answer to “why should God let you into Heaven?” was “I am working to become a better person”. Mark is  a nice young man and as I attempted to share the gospel with him there were numerous interuptions and then he went outside and we lost track of him.

We then had a short break and a cup of coffeee. We handed out some candy and some gospel tracts. On our exit from the college we saw Mark sitting with 3 women. We re-introduced ourselves and began another conversation. A young lady named Sarah told us she was a wiccan. She believed in God though and beleived that all religions each had a portion of the truth. We had a great discussion abouth Jesus and specifically His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. While I was witnessing, practically preaching, all of them were very silent and paying close attention. One of the women attends a huge mega-church in Zion and said she had never heard the gospel presented that way.

About 9:30 pm we were finally leaving and handing out candy and gospel tracts and came across some other believers and had a good discussion with them and their skeptical friend. It was a really good evening. We left the college praising God and praying for souls we just had the opportunity of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with. Pray for Yun, Arturo, Mark, Sarah, and them many others we came into contact with.

EE 2/10/12

    On 1/24/12 I began teaching a new semester of Evangelism Explosion at Calvary Chapel Lake Villa, IL. The two trainees are M and T. The first night of training is the only evening we do not go out. Every Tuesday evening following we go out to intentionally share the gospel and the love of Christ. It is always best to visit those who have already visited the church because they have an interest in spiritual matters and are more open. God has been working on them. Other than visitors we also contact friends, relatives, associates, neighbors, etc…

        On 1/31/12 our team visited the elderly parents of a member of the church. It was a great visit, especially for the first time out as a team. We visited with G and M. Both of them had spent most of their lives attending various churches. G said he finally felt forgiven of his sins and that his heart had been washed clean. M was unsure about going to heaven but hoped she would go. She said this as tears came from her eyes. Both of them asked me to share the gospel. So I did. M and T were greatly encouraged.

    On 2/7/12 both M and T had to miss class. I had to make a choice. Stay at the shop and do more work or go out and seek the lost. I did the latter. I prayed and felt led to go to Gurnee Mills. I circled the food court and began conversing with 2 women; S and K. I asked them if they would answer a few questions from my questionaire. They said OK. My main contact was S. She had gone to church as a youth and occasionally as an adult and believed she was going to heaven. The second question stumped her. She said they had asked that question in youth group years ago. I asked her if she had gotten an answer. She said no. So I asked her if I could explain to her what I understand how the Bible answers that question. She said yes. So I shared the entire gospel. After we were finished she said she understood and was going to return to her church. K was getting restless as well. After that I talked with a muslim man whom I had contact with back in December. HE is open for further dialogue and I am bringing him a gospel of John. I also handed out 6-7 gospel tracts. One of them I gave to a 16 year old girl and she stopped and read the whole thing. Praise the Lord!