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EE 3/27/12

    Last night Theresa, Norma, and I went to visit an elderly member of the church named Evelyn. It was a great visit. We shared the love of Christ, got to know her better, and prayed with her. It was a great evening. All were encouraged. As we left Evelyn’s apartment she stood in the hallway and watched us leave. She wanted us to stay longer. Very sweet.

    Those of you who know me know how much I love to share the gospel with those who are lost. There are times where we also encourage one another, teach each other, pray with one another, and love one another. Last night the EE training was not about how to share the gospel. It was about visiting those in the body of Christ and showing them love and concern and praying for them.

    Thank you Norma for filling in the last two weeks while Matt was on vacation. It was a joy.


    As long as you have tracts with you at all times it is easy to pass them out. I gave out two Mark Cahill tract booklets this morning. I gave one to a friend at a business that I do business with. Turns our her mom is into searching about religion right now. She is going to read the booklet before she gives it to her mom. Praise God, two people (and hopefully more as the tract gets passed on) are going to read “The Second Greatest Lie” by Mark Cahill. On my way back I stopped at Starbucks. While ordering my coffee I asked the employees if they like to read. One guy perked up and said yes. I gave him a copy of the same tract. After receiving my coffee I told him I would be back next week and he could tell me what he thinks. He said OK. Both encounters combined took less than 5 minutes. Do you have 5 minutes a day to hand out some gospel tracts that can make a difference for all eternity?

EE 3/20/12

    Matt is on vacation so we had Norma join the team on Tuesday evening 3/20/12. Norma, Theresa, and I went to a park in Lake Villa. Our first encounter was with a group of “moms”. While I did not feel this would be our divine appointment, I also did not want to run ahead of God. They were right in front of us when we got out of the car. I introduced us and told them we were from Calvary Chapel wanting to talk to people about God. They said no, so we said thank you and moved on. The only reason I mention this is because I want you to pray for them. I imagine people I have attempted to speak to standing before God on judgement day and asking God, “why didn’t you tell me”? God may then say, “I sent my servants to speak to you, but you told them to go away”. And how often have these women rejected God’s servants? We pray next time they receive them. And please do not make the excuse that maybe they are believers who did not want to be bothered. I would NEVER be bothered by any fellow brother or sister in Christ who came to share the Gospel with me. Would you?

    As we moved on I could see some young teenagers with scateboards. For whatever reason I have always found skateboarders and trick bike riders very friendly and open people. I was right again. We had a quick conversation about the skate board park in Lake Villa and then I asked them about church attendance. They were very friendly, but had to be somewhere. I gave them all gospel tracts.

    We then walked over to the beach where we noticed two ladies and a young man. We began speaking to them and told them who we were. The young man “Aw” immediately began talking about church and his youth group and mission trips. Great. One of the young ladies “Ai” told us she used to go to church and had been baptized within the past two years. Great again. The third young lady “Mz” attended a local catholic church on a semi-regular basis. After a good discussion we asked them a few questions. All thought they were definately going to heaven when they died, except “Aw” did not agree with the word heaven until we defined it as being with God. He agreed to that. We then asked, “Suppose you died today and stood before God and he asked why should I let you into heaven, what would you say?” They all gave similiar answers; basically one has to be good and or good hearted. “Mz” said God gives second chances. I told them I had some Good News for them. They wanted to hear. So I shared about Grace, Man, and God (for further info as to what this means go to ). Before I share Christ I always ask “who do you think Jesus is?” Many people give various answers like a good man, prophet, son of God, etc…. None of them were ever taught that Jesus is God. They did not know that. “Ai” had been baptized in a christian churche. “Mz” grew up in the roman catholic faith. “Aw” did not say if he had been naptized or not. I then shared who Jesus is and what He did. I was able to talk about how one becomes a Christian; by Grace through Faith in the shed blood of Jesus as payment for sins. After I finished and asked if it made sense to them both “Mz” and “Ai” wanted to receive Christ.      PRAISE GOD!     “Aw” was still unsure so I gave him Mark Cahill’s booklet. Then they prayed to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord, and then we all prayed for them and invited them to church. I also instructed “Aw” to go to his pastor(s) and tell them what happened and ask them more questions. Please pray for these three, especially “Mz” and “Ai”, that their conversion is real and that they understood everything. Pray for God’s Spirit to protect and guide them.

    After praying on the beach and giving them some good info we bagan strolling back into the park. A woman walking her dog came up to us and said she was so happy to see people praying. Her name is “Myn” and she is a believer. We told her what happened and she got so excited and then the four of us stopped and prayed together right there. We invited her to church (the church she does attend is far away and not local). We pray that she comes and finds new Christian friends closer to home. After this we went back to Calvary Chapel praising God and praying some more. Praise Jesus for providing divine appointments.

EE 3/13/12

    Matt and I went out last night (Theresa is out of town). We visited a member of the church and had a great visit. We were able to share testimonies, discuss EE, pray together, and get to know one another better. Isn’t that what Christian fellowship should be about?

    Since I began training in EE again the opportunities to witness have increased. Last Thursday 3/8/12 a man named T walked into my shop. This is a man I have known for many years. I have done work for him in the past and I have hired him to do work in my home. I have witnessed to him in the past numerous times. As of last Thursday T has become homeless and came to me looking for help. I shared the entire gospel with him and prayed with him. I called some people that are involved in a Friday evening ministry who could help him, but it was incumbant upon T to show up Friday because B (who leads the group) was going out of town. He did not show up or answer his phone. T did call me on Saturday saying he was sleeping on Friday night. We will try again this Friday when B returns.

   I normally do not attend the Friday night group, but because I wanted to help out T , I made sure I was there. At the meeting I met a Roman Catholic named Tim and we had a good conversation during and after the meeting. On Saturday I was able to visit with my brother and some mutual friends and moved the conversation to talk about God and eternal things. On Monday evening I was at Piggly Wiggly and was able to share with the young man bagging groceries. I also gave him a gospel tract. I have an open door to talk with him some more in the future. Please pray for all of these.

    Every day there is an opportunity. If I was not working at the shop there would be an opportunity every hour for 12 hours a day every day. If I was a full time evangelist I would be able to share the gospel more than 5000 times a year. That is my prayer. Please pray for me that God opens a door for that to become a reality.

Mark Cahill

Went to hear Mark Cahill preach and teach last night at Cavary Chapel Cardunel in Algonquin, IL. Learned a lot. Added much to my tool box of ideas to use while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. I encourage everyone to visit Mark’s website

EE 3/6/12

My team and I went to check on a church visitor in Round Lake. The husband was not home and the wife did not want to meet with us unless her husband was there. We chatted for a few minutes and then went back to the car. We prayed that God would lead us to where He had a divine appointment for us. We then drove to the WalMart in Lake Villa where we were going to do parking lot evangelism. I handed out a couple of gospel tracts and engaged in some brief conversations. I then saw my favorite prospects: smokers. There was a lady named V out on a smoke break. I made a connection with her because I knew someone who had worked at that WalMart. We found out she occasionally attended Willow Creek. We invited her to Calvary and she went back to work.

Our next prospect turned out to be our divine appointment. At first I thought he was an employee because he came out the door opening a pack of cigarettes. His name is B. He stopped to light one up. I began talking to him. Turns out he was outside smoking and waiting for his girlfriend to fill a prescription. I asked him if he would do a questionaire. He said sure. After the questionaire I asked if I could share with him how I came to know for certain that I have eternal life and how he could as well. He said yes. So I began sharing. A few minutes later his girlfriend “A” and her sister “R” came out. A said the medicine cost too much. She did not have enough money. My team member Matt immediately offered to pay the difference. A refused but Matt persisted. After saying yes Matt gave our third team member Theresa the money and she went with A to get the prescription. This not only served a need to provide medicine but also allowed Matt and I more time to share the gospel with B. We then shared for for 30 minutes with B the entire gospel plus answered many other questions. God really moved his heart. He told us his grandmother has been talking about God to him and that his girlfriend had been looking for a church. He said we gave him a lot to think about. I gave him Mark Cahill’s “One second after you die” booklet and a few other gospel tracts. They also asked for cards to the church. They live fairly close to the church.

Unbeknownst to Matt and I Theresa had been sharing with A. A is a Christian, but she said she had been looking for a church because she has not been discipled and knows she does not know enough about her faith. She has been taking care of her mother who is sick. She had also been praying for someone to talk to B about Jesus, which we did. All in all we were able to answer a prayer, fill a need, and share the gospel. Pray for the protection of B, A, and R this week. Pray that all obstacles will be removed that prevents them from coming to church on Sunday. I am also praying that I get to see A again so we can go and pray for her mother. Praise God. He is Good.