Monthly Archives: April 2012

EE 4/24/12

Matt, Theresa, and I had a visit with a family who has been visiting CCLV on and off for a year. This is an appointment Matt had set-up. The family lives near Matt and his children go to school and are friends with M’s children. Matt and Theresa did the entire introduction while I played hot wheels with M’s 5 year old son. Theresa shared her testimony. After about an hour I shared a church testimony and asked M the diagnostic questions. She was sure of going to heaven and gave a somewhat murky answer to the second question, but affirmed that Jesus had died for her. I asked if I could share with her what the church teaches on how to receive eternal life and she said yes. I then proceeded to share the entire gospel. After I finished sharinf Matt was able to share his testimony as well. We prayed with M before we left and she is planning on coming to church in the future.

During our conversation M said that the Christian Motorcycle Association had shared with her previously and that she had been “re-born” then. Previously she had a Lutheran/Catholic background. There is no doubt that M loves God and believes in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus and believes that Jesus is Lord and Savior. She is struggling with many issues at this time in her life. Our visit was to share the love of Christ and re-assure to her the message of the Cross. Please pray for M as she grows in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord. I think attending an adult Bible Study would be good for her. Discipleship.

EE 4/17/12

    Matt, Theresa, and I did not have any appointments so we decided to follow-up on some folks we had visited in an apartment building in Antioch. I could not remember which door I had knocked on previously, so I knocked on a door I thought belonged to P. A man opened the door. He was recently baptised at Northbridge. We spent about ten minutes exchanging testimonies, etc… and then we prayed for him. Praise God to meet a new believer in Christ. The next doo I knocked on was opened by a young boy between 12 – 15 who told us he was a hindu. He was uncomfortable talking to 3 adults, so I gave him a gospel tract and moved on. We knocked on another door that we were certain belonged to P. He was the athesit we had visited about 2 months ago. He told us nothing had changed. I gave him a copy of Mark Cahill’s booklet “One Second Before You Die”. P took the booklet and said he would read it. Our next stop was at the door of H. We had shared the entire gospel with her a few weeks back. She was busy, but said we could stop back anytime. We will.

    After those visits we still had plenty of time left, so we went outside and prayed for God’s direction. Within less than a minute a man walked by us. I flagged him down. F is an elderly gentleman. He goes to St. Peter’s Catholic Church. He told us that he had recently nearly died and was concerned that he could die at any moment and expected to, We began to share with him the message of eternal life. To my great surprise he did not think that the Bible was the Word of God and therefore did not hold any authority for him, despite the fact that he has been attending Catholic Church all of his life and that he takes communion at St. Petes. He kept repeating that he was a good person who had never told a lie, had never stolen anything, etc…. A “good” person doesn’t think they need to repent or have need of a Savior. He spoke with us for over 30 minutes and we gave him a gospel tract, a Mark Cahill booklet, and I also gave him a little booklet from EE that I carry “How a Catholic may KNOW that he will go to Heaven when he dies.”

    I can tell you it was difficult for me to let F go. I was so concerned for his soul. I know that God is sovereign and that we explained the gospel to him very clearly. He said he understood, but was not afraid to die and tell God “here I am”. We were in a pitched spiritual battle. He would begin to leave and then come back to talk some more. Theresa tried to get him to pray with us  2-3 times and he would say yes, and then he would back away like he was afraid of prayer. In the ned we prayed for him as he was walking away. Please pray for F.

    Just before we left the apartment complex I saw a man sitting in his car talking on his phone. I stopped and gave him a gospel tract and began a short conversation. He is nominally Lutheran and his wife is Catholic. She goes to church regularly and he has stopped altogether. He gave me his name and apartment # and told me to come by in the future. Praise God. We will.

    Also. I got some leads from The Most Excellent Way. I met some young men who are Polish Catholic. I met with them three times last week and shared the gospel with them extensively. All of the tracts and booklets I have given to them they are giving to other family memebers and then having family discussions about their common faith. Very exciting. Pray for this Polish family.

    On another note: Last weekend Matt ran into a couple in Fox Lake who we had shared the gospel with in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Lake Villa. He encouraged them to come to church.

    Thank you for your prayers for us and for all the people we shared with this week.

EE 4/3/12

    Theresa, Matt, and I went to Gurnee Mills last night. I had received three seperate leads for appointments, but was unable to secure a meeting. I did have an open meeting to drop off a gospel a John to a business owner at the mall. His name is Salim. He is a muslim from Pakistan. When we arrived I went to his store, but he had gone home sick. His wife was running the store, so we talked to her and gave her the book. We then met a muslim man named “John” who also had a store in the mall. He was from Bethlehem. We began having a nice chat but he had to help a customer. Theresa spoke with his wife and then was able to pray with her. She was from Jordan. Although she did not want to talk about Jesus she did take a gospel tract (I was able to give one to John as well before we left the mall). After speaking with them I reminded Theresa and Matt that muslim women rarely discuss religion unless their husband is involved, but they still listen and read.

    We had a few brief conversations and handed out about a dozen gospel tracts. While walking the mall we met a youg man named Mike. He is a new believer and we spent some time with him encouraging him in his walk. He lives in Round Lake so we invited him to come to worship with us at Calvary Chapel. While we did not share the gospel with anyone this week we were able to plant some seeds and encourage some beleivers. Please pray for those we contacted.