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Being Ready

    The past few weeks I have been riding my bicycle back and forth to work each day. Before I began doing this I loaded my front pouch with gospel tracts and I keep my tract bag in my backpack as well. For me, that is being ready.

    Many of you know that I regularly go out on Tuesday evenings looking for opportunities to share the Love of Christ with anyone I encounter. That is time I set aside for God to train others how to be active and ready to share Christ with those around them. But there are 6 more days during the week, and I want to be prepared then as well, although, becauseof the other demands of life I have not set aside specific time to do ministry. But as beleivers in Christ we are also ambassadors and should be ready at a moments notice for a call from our King.

    On Wednesday evening 6/27/12 I was peddling home and noticed a group of teenagers sitting at three picnic tables at Centennial Park. I stopped, introduced myself and said hi. This began an amazing conversation that lasted well over an hour. I spoke with at least 10 teeens who were coming and going, throwing all kinds of questions at me. It was an amazing mix of teens and ideas and questions. There were a few atheists, some agnostics, a self proclaimed atheist, a girl who said she was a bi-sexual, a boy from crossview Church who said hew was “kind of a Christian”, a girl whose family goes to Faith Lutheran Church (she was the most biblically knowledgeable teen there and firm in her belief in God), plus numerous others. There was also a few kids I knew who used to attend Lighthouse Church on a semi-regular basis. Seeds were definately planted. How do I know? Last night I was peddling home and stopped at the “It’s Thursday” concert in Antioch and who did I see? The same group of kids. Actually they saw me and began talking with me again. There was a new teen with them who asked, “is this the preacher man?”. He knew about me before I met him because they were talking with one another about the encounter with me long after I was gone. Believe it or not kids talk about these things. They discuss heaven, hell, morality, religion, etc…. all the time. They are open to discussions. The young adults in college are open as well. It seems when folks get to be 25-30 is when they begin to close the door on being open to talking about death, heaven, hell, truth, and especially about Jesus. But I find teenagers to be extremely open to discussions even if they seem illogical at times.

    I expect many opportunities with these teens all summer. Please pray for them and for me. And remember . . . Be Ready.

EE 6/26/12

    Last night Theresa and I decided to walk the neighborhood near Calvary Chapel and talk to folks who lived nearby. There are 12 homes. We visitied 9 of the homes. At 5 of the homes we spoke to the residents. If nobody was home or did not answer the door we left a card with an invitation to visit the church.

    Our first visit was with a lady who was outside doing yard work. We spoke briefly. She had a catholic background but was otherwise totally uninterested in talking about God.

    2. A man was outside working on his garage. He was pleasant. He had no church background and had no oponion regarding death, heaven, or God. His wife came out shortly afterward. She had a Lutheran background as a child, but was otherwise uninterested.

    3. This visit was very pleasant. It was a husband and wife again. The wife said she had a catholic background but did not attend church any longer. We arrived as they were preparing dinner, otherwise I believe we could have had a longer conversation. Upon hindsight I should have asked for a future visit.

    4. We visited the house next door and a man opened the door. He said he was an atheist and believed in evolution. Upon attempting to engage him in conversation he said he was busy.

    5. Our final visit was with an older woman “G”. She also had a catholic background. She said she was too busy to go to church or think about God, but she took some info to give to her daughter.

    Every visit was pleasant but short. The neighborhood is very nice and so are the houses. What was evident was that everyone had money and therefore no real need for God. Please pray for these people that they will NEED God and that when they do their hearts would be open to the Gospel.

EE June 2012

    While I have been very busy during the month of June, and Theresa and Matt have been away on vacation, work, etc…, we have still had some opportunities to share the Gospel.

    Last Tuesday evening 6/12/12 Theres, Matt, and I visited a family who regularly attends Calvary Chapel. They are believers. While not an “evangelistic” visit per se, it is important for those in the church, especially leadership, to regularly visit with members of the church. People may have needs, questions, concerns, etc… that never get attended to because they don’t want to bother the pastor, etc… The LDS church (mormons) have visitation teams that visit every single memeber of the local church every month. Everyone is visited EVERY MONTH. While mormons are a cult and have bad doctrine there is much we can glean from what they do in regards to fellowship.

    I had a chance last night to talk about Jesus with a business/friend of mine. I was wearing one of my “DO YOU KNOW” shirts and he asked me about it. Just the beginning of a conversation I have been praying about.

    Last week I was wearing one og the “Fair” T-shirts that say “DO YOU KNOW”  on the front and an older man in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot said to me, “do I know what?” I was caught off guard because I forgot what I was wearing. The encounter led to a conversation where I explained to the man that I knew I was going to heaven when I die. The man was 90 years old, a Roman Catholic who attends St. Peters in Antioch. He “hoped” he was going to heaven, but did not think anyone could know for certain. He believed doing the rosary, being good and going to church, confession, etc…. WORKS was the way to get to heaven. He got very angry when I said I knew for sure and quoted 1 John 5:13 to him. He eventually got in his car and drove away angry.

   Although we are busy there are opportunities everywhere. The world is full of lost people.  Pray and God will send you some . . . if you are willing to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them.