Monthly Archives: July 2012

EE 7/26/12

    After work I peddled my bicycle to the “It’s Thursday” concert in Antioch. When the concert was ending some teenagers pointed at me as I was leaving and said, “the Bible thumper”. It turns out it was some of the teenagers that I have had opportunity to witness to the past month or so. I was able to answer a few more questions and share more of the Gospel. There was some really good exchanges with a few of them as I have been able to build some trust with them. We spoke for about 1/2 hour. Please pray for more opportunities as the summer comes to a close.

EE 7/24/12

    Matt Theresa, and I went out together for the first time as a 3 person team in many weeks. Seems someone was either working, sick, or it was too hot. We decided to visit some families on the visitors list. The first family was home. They were not dressed for visitors and asked if we would return again at a later date. We will return with an appointment. The next family was having dinner. We also found out they had recently had a new baby. The husband (who must work every Sunday) seemed very excited that we came to visit. We also set-up a future appointment with them. While returning to our vehicle we met a neighbor “rmd”. We had a good discussion and then when I asked about God his attitude changed. He was angry at the church and no longer beleived in God. As we got deeper into the conversation his dog began barking in the back yard and when he returned he said he had to go. He would not take a gospel tract from me. Pray for “rmd”.

    After this we drove to Fox Lake for our 3rd visit. They were not home. We left a card on the door. While driving back we saw a group of folks in a church parking lot. The church meets in an older building where one of the 1st churches in Fox Lake existed 100 years ago.  While the building is older and has been uses as a church and a school over the years the new church is a re-start and has existed for 2 years. The church is called “The Edge” and is near the movie theater. We spoke with pastor Kim and her husband for a few minutes and enjoyed some Christian fellowship. Praise God for a wonderful evening. Pray for our future contacts.

EE 7/17/12

    Matt and I went into downtown Antioch to do some questionaire evangelism last night. We parked near Piggly Wiggly and then walked around town. We met Felix in front of the Pig and had a quick chat. We then walked over to the laundromat and had a talk with the manager. She is a single mom and has been too busy to go to church. We encouraged her and prayed for her. We then walked over by the library and to the skate park. It was there I met a 17 year old young man named “A”. After talking for about 15 minutes with him and some of his friends he agreed to let me share the gospel in 10 minutes. “A” said he was a Christian because his whole family is. They pray at dinner but do not attend church regularly. He was unsure if he was going to heaven when he died and was uncertain about how one goes to heaven other than “believing in God”. I attempted to get him to clarify, but he did not have an answer. He did agree to listen to me present the gospel for 10 minutes. I did so. I thanked him and gave him some gospel tracts. After he left Matt and I prayed for him and his friends.

    After that Matt and I walked over near the Antioch Recovery Club and engaged a few folks in conversation. Our main contact was George. He was a nominal Roman Catholic who believed that all paths lead to God. As I narrowed the conversation to discussing Jesus he asked that we stop talking about it. We thanked him and moved on.

   It was a good evening. The fields are white for harvest. Please pray for “A” and George.

EE 7/10/12

    This week we are not going out because Calvary Chapel Lake Villa is having it’s annual Vacation Bible School. My wife, daughter, and I are watching my nephews at the VBS. Kyle is having a blast and Cody is actually participating in the puppet show as is my daughter Amanda.

    I am very excited about this years VBS because the church is going to use VBS as an ongoing outreach. So often VBS is used to introduce children to God’s Word and to have fun. These are wonderful things. If we can lead some children to Christ that is Fantastic. But once VBS is over sometimes that is the end of it until next year. That should not happen, and will not this year.

    Parents bring their children to VBS and allow the church to teach their children. This is the perfect opportunity to visit with the parents and talk about spiritual matters with them. If a parent has allowed their child to come to VBS it means they are not hostile to church even if they never attend. They are not hostile to talking about God even if they do not have a relationship with Him. This is why I love EE. It is not about attending a class on evangelism. It is about actually going to visit people who have visited the church and sharing the Love of Christ with them, while at the same time making disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

    Our visitation/evangelism team(s) will be visiting the parents of VBS attenders for the weeks ahead. Please pray for us that God allows us to harvest. The fields are white, the workers are few.

EE 7/3/12

    Clearly it is a hot week, but that did not stop Matt and I from going out and seeking people to share the love of Christ with. Because it was Matt and I, two men, we did not think it prudent to be knocking on doors, so we went to public areas. We went to Lehman Park in Lake Villa and met a woman named Sharon. She was enjoying the beach and watching her son. She is a believer. We had a good 20 minute chat with her and moved on. We then drove to the hot dog store and purchased some sodas. We gave a gospel tract to the man behind the counter. We talked with a man named Ben who was waiting for his order. He attends the Chapel, but is looking for something a bit closer because he lives in Trevor. WI. We gave some brochures to both Sharon and Ben.

    Because Theresa was unable to come out Matt and I were able to spend extra time talking about our lives. The goal of EE is to make disciples through evangelism training. It is not just evangelism. It is being together while we seek opportunities to share the love of Christ. The mission statement of Evangelism Explosion is: “To glorify God by equipping local churches worldwide to multiply through evangelism, discipleship, and healthy growth”. Getting to know others in the body of Christ while doing evangelism, praying together, sharing one another’s burdens, studying the Word of God, etc… is Healthy Growth.

    Pray for Matt, Theresa, and I as we continue to build a witnessing ministry at Calvary Chapel in Lake Villa. Pray for Sharon and Ben that the Lord would guide them.