Monthly Archives: February 2013

EE 2/21/13

    Matt, Theresa, and I went to 1 home and 9 apartments. The home was a referral. The man we were going to visit was not home and his father would not open the door nor speak with us. We prayed and then drove to Lake Villa. We returned to a building we had visited earlier and finished the 6 apartments we had not gotten to last time. We also spoke with 2 of the people we had visited with the first time. We met a woman named M who has Lupis. We offered to pray for her but she declined. We prayed for her anyways a few steps away from her apatment. She did take a flyer from us. We left this building and knocked on some apartments that are above businesses in Lake Villa. We met a man named David who was very friendly and attended a different local church. I asked him the diagnostic questions and he is definately a believer. He stood in the cold as though he might be entertaining angels. I am sure if I asked him to, he would have invited us into his apartment.

    While we did not get a chance to share the gospel with anyone we did plant some seeds and encouraged a few believers. Please pray for the apartment building we have visited twice. There is some spiritual resistance there, some stronghold, even though there is a believer in the building. He is struggling financially and maybe doesn’t have the time nor training to reach the lost amongst him. This is common in the churches. There are many believers who have gifts that the body can use, but are unable to because of obstacles such as finances, health, and family problems. And then there are others who have the means to help those in need, but they are selfish and don’t even know it. They give the money to the church which doesn’t use the money to help one another which would build up the body. It’s a repeating cycle, which eventually causes those with gifts and needs to leave the local body. If you have the means, look for those in need. Build one another up so that the body is healthy. When the Body is healthy so much more can be accomplished for the Kingdom.

EE 2/14/13

    Last night Matt and I went to the college and distributed M & Ms with gospel tracts for Valentines Day. We did not go preaching the worlsly definition of Love, but instead shared the Love of Christ. Sacrificial Love. We did 2 questionaires and handed out about 30 tracts. We did briefly ran into Brian, who prayed to receive Christ last time we were there. He was on his way to class, so he did not have a lot of time to talk. Our main contacts were Terry and Nicky. Terry is a believer. Praise God! Nicky was more interested in things about God, but she did not have a lot of time to talk. Pray for Nicky, she has a searching heart.

    Every time I go out witnessing I am struck by how many people are willing to talk. People want to know about God, Jesus, and the Bible. Despite what the media says people are hungry to know the Truth. There is a spiritual hunger in the land. The question is, with so many churches out there, why aren’t they being fed? When will we learn the lesson of the loaves and fishes? When will we learn what is meant by being “the Body of Christ”? I hear many say and pray for “revival” and yet are unwilling to remove the obstacles to revival they themselves have erected. Why won’t they remove them? Fear, pride, and selfishness. SELF! Do you actually know of anyone who actually DENIES HIMSELF and carries the cross? Who actually “esteems others better than himself”? Philippians 2:3.

    I have heard Philippians preached many times. After 19 years of being a Christian I am still waiting to observe it in a Christian community. I have read about it in church history. Count von Zinzendorf and the Moravian pietists come to mind. While not a perfect community, and many would chafe at some of their practices, they had a firm grasp on “one another” that is missing in the modern church. Without brokenness which produces repentance which leads to an outpouring of love for one another and the denial of self there will be no revival. If you are praying for true revival, WATCH OUT! because you might get broken and have all your worldly passions spill out and removed.

EE 1/31/13

    Last night Matt,Theresa, and I went to Gurnee Mills. Even before entering the bulding I bagan handing out gospel tracts as I went. Our first main contact was a young mom working a kiosk. She said she was a beleiver. We had a nice chat with her and prayed with her, but we did not ask the diagnostic questions, so there is no way of knowing what she means by “believer”. We gave her info about the church and we are going to have our chaplain intern follow-up with her husband.

    We continued walking and handing out gospel tracts. I stopped and talked with a woman named Sky. She did not believe there was a heaven or hell. She believed in “science”, and during our conversation began to laugh at what I was saying; essentially mocking me. The Scriptures inform us to give the Law to the proud and Grace to the humble. I informed her that I was an ambassador of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, and focused the rest of my discussion on whether or not Jesus rose from the dead. She needed to find out the answer to the question. She said after she dies then she will know. I told her that would be too late. She could die tonight and go to hell. God is reaching out to her. He has sent three of His servants to give her a message. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Ignore His loving offer of eternal life through His blood sacrifice on a cross and be eternally condemned. She was looking me dead in the eyes and was no longer mocking. Sometimes we must get serious. Spending eternity in Hell is serious business. Do you beleive that? Or are you planning your next vacation?

   My final contact was with a young man named Zach. He is from Round Lake and knew where CCLV was. Long time church attender, but has decided not to believe anymore. We were having a good conversation when a customer showed up. We waited, but the customer stayed a long time, and so we finally left. Please pray for “N”, Sky, and Zach, as well as the other 20 people who recieved gospel tracts.