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EE 3/14/13

    Last night we had 4 contacts we could have visited. We called three and drove to one, but it was not to be. Matt, Theresa, and I decided to visit an apartment building in Antioch. The first door we knocked on that opened was the daughter of some friends of mine who are solid believers. It was great talking with her. Very encouraging. We proceeded to knock on each door and left a church flyer with whomever opened. We did meet a man who was looking for a church and spoke with him briefly. He is a believer, but has not gotten into a local congregation. Please pray that God leads him to a local fellowship of believers. The final door we knocked on was a young woman who was a Jehovah Witness. She was a little busy and did not want to talk to us very long, but she was polite. I remarked, “we got to knock on your door this time”. Jehovah Witnesses go knocking on doors regularly. While we joke about it, the fact is that they are willing to do for a lie what the vast majority of Christians are unwilling to do for the truth.

    On another note; I met with a customer of mine on Wed to deliver a few sweatshirts. I was waiting for her at Starbucks. She was a little late and asked me what I was doing while I waited. I said I was witnessing to people by asking them about the new pope as a way of starting a spiritual discussion. She told me she was Roman Catholic.  For whatever reason I assumed she was an evangelical. I look forward to future discussions.

EE at the College

    I stopped into the college during the afternoon to buy some tickets for an upcoming concert and to return some items. While there I wandered over to the coffee bar they have near the Library. I met a young woman named E. We started chatting and found out that I had been printing shirts for many years for the current church she attends.  As the conversation progressed I was able to ask her the diagnostic questions. 1. Yes she is going to heaven. 2. She is going because she tries to live daily for Jesus and tries to live like him.

    Now E has been in church for many years. She knows a lot of the Bible and wants to live for Jesus. Because she did not answer the 2nd question correctly does not necessarily mean she is not a believer. What it can mean is that she needs more knowledge and assurance of her salvation. Her heart is drawn near to the Lord. I could tell that speaking to her. She wants to live for Jesus. But she has been in churches that have not put a priority on discipleship training (this is by the way the category of 99% of churches reegardless of denomination). What does an evangelist do at this point? Share the Gospoel, of course!

    I shared the entire gospel with E. Midway through the presentation is when the distractions came fast and furious (she was working a table). But I stopped, waited until she helped each person, and continued where I left off. This is the advantage of EE training and the memorization of an outline. You can always stay on track or get back on track if you memeorize the outline. It is not a memorization of a gospel presentation. It is merely an outline, like a skeleton, that the evangelist “fleshes” out as they share the Good News.

    Before I totaly finished a student named D came up and began talking with E about homosexual marriage. Clearly the hot topic on every college campus. What a distraction. I advised them to learn how to share the gospel:

1 Corinthians 1:22-23

New International Version (NIV)

22 Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, 23 but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles,

    Other issues are important, but if we preach the Gospel and share the scriptures, God’s Word will penetrate those whom you share it with. “It is the Power unto Salvation” Romans 1:16.

    This situation at the college is also a classic example of the structure of the church; the belief that if believers sit in worship services and listen to sermons that this somehow accomplishes “making disciples”. If this were the case Jesus could have preached each week for 3 years from the Mount of Olives instead of walking 25 miles a day going from village to village. How can new believers learn to “follow” by attending a weekly worship service? How does that eliminate the fear of sharing Christ in hostile situations? I believe in weekly preaching, but this should be only one facet of discipleship training.

    Here is the sad reality: I could have shared the Gospel all day long at CLC. I could do that every day and train others while doing so. It burdens my heart to see so many lost people who could be reached as well as so many believers who would love to learn how to share not being trained. We could have so many more workers in the field if only the pastors and churches wanted to. The church long ago abandoned the notion of having an in-house evangelist(s). The priority of the modern church is to get people into the buildings to listen to sermons. Jesus commanded us to GO! and make disciples. Get out there! The fields are ripe for Harvest!