EE 2/26/11

    On Saturday evening Amanda and I went out at about 5:15 pm. We wanted to hand out gospel tracts, invite people to Calvary Chapel in Lake Villa, IL, and also, of course, share the gospel if we could. We drove to Lake Villa and decided to park in the Walgreens parking lot. I did not want to disrupt any business so I only talke to people who were exiting Walgreens. There was also a very active “RED BOX” video rental site on the premises. From 5:30 until 6:50 we handed out 26 gospel tracts with invitations. Our most significant contact came when 5 boys (middle school age) came walking through the parking lot. I stopped them and asked if I could speak with them. I asked them if they, “thought they were going to heaven when they died?” We had a lively 10 minute discussion. It turned out that most of them had been to church and or were still attending a church. One of the boys, a roman catholic, began asking me some challenging questions and probably would have stayed, but the others began to move on. I gave all of them gospel tracts and invites. The night was cold and rainy. Our toes got very cold. But our hearts were warm and filled with JOY knowing we had done what God had asked us to do.

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