EE 6/26/12

    Last night Theresa and I decided to walk the neighborhood near Calvary Chapel and talk to folks who lived nearby. There are 12 homes. We visitied 9 of the homes. At 5 of the homes we spoke to the residents. If nobody was home or did not answer the door we left a card with an invitation to visit the church.

    Our first visit was with a lady who was outside doing yard work. We spoke briefly. She had a catholic background but was otherwise totally uninterested in talking about God.

    2. A man was outside working on his garage. He was pleasant. He had no church background and had no oponion regarding death, heaven, or God. His wife came out shortly afterward. She had a Lutheran background as a child, but was otherwise uninterested.

    3. This visit was very pleasant. It was a husband and wife again. The wife said she had a catholic background but did not attend church any longer. We arrived as they were preparing dinner, otherwise I believe we could have had a longer conversation. Upon hindsight I should have asked for a future visit.

    4. We visited the house next door and a man opened the door. He said he was an atheist and believed in evolution. Upon attempting to engage him in conversation he said he was busy.

    5. Our final visit was with an older woman “G”. She also had a catholic background. She said she was too busy to go to church or think about God, but she took some info to give to her daughter.

    Every visit was pleasant but short. The neighborhood is very nice and so are the houses. What was evident was that everyone had money and therefore no real need for God. Please pray for these people that they will NEED God and that when they do their hearts would be open to the Gospel.

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