EE 7/17/12

    Matt and I went into downtown Antioch to do some questionaire evangelism last night. We parked near Piggly Wiggly and then walked around town. We met Felix in front of the Pig and had a quick chat. We then walked over to the laundromat and had a talk with the manager. She is a single mom and has been too busy to go to church. We encouraged her and prayed for her. We then walked over by the library and to the skate park. It was there I met a 17 year old young man named “A”. After talking for about 15 minutes with him and some of his friends he agreed to let me share the gospel in 10 minutes. “A” said he was a Christian because his whole family is. They pray at dinner but do not attend church regularly. He was unsure if he was going to heaven when he died and was uncertain about how one goes to heaven other than “believing in God”. I attempted to get him to clarify, but he did not have an answer. He did agree to listen to me present the gospel for 10 minutes. I did so. I thanked him and gave him some gospel tracts. After he left Matt and I prayed for him and his friends.

    After that Matt and I walked over near the Antioch Recovery Club and engaged a few folks in conversation. Our main contact was George. He was a nominal Roman Catholic who believed that all paths lead to God. As I narrowed the conversation to discussing Jesus he asked that we stop talking about it. We thanked him and moved on.

   It was a good evening. The fields are white for harvest. Please pray for “A” and George.

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