EE 7/24/12

    Matt Theresa, and I went out together for the first time as a 3 person team in many weeks. Seems someone was either working, sick, or it was too hot. We decided to visit some families on the visitors list. The first family was home. They were not dressed for visitors and asked if we would return again at a later date. We will return with an appointment. The next family was having dinner. We also found out they had recently had a new baby. The husband (who must work every Sunday) seemed very excited that we came to visit. We also set-up a future appointment with them. While returning to our vehicle we met a neighbor “rmd”. We had a good discussion and then when I asked about God his attitude changed. He was angry at the church and no longer beleived in God. As we got deeper into the conversation his dog began barking in the back yard and when he returned he said he had to go. He would not take a gospel tract from me. Pray for “rmd”.

    After this we drove to Fox Lake for our 3rd visit. They were not home. We left a card on the door. While driving back we saw a group of folks in a church parking lot. The church meets in an older building where one of the 1st churches in Fox Lake existed 100 years ago.  While the building is older and has been uses as a church and a school over the years the new church is a re-start and has existed for 2 years. The church is called “The Edge” and is near the movie theater. We spoke with pastor Kim and her husband for a few minutes and enjoyed some Christian fellowship. Praise God for a wonderful evening. Pray for our future contacts.

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