EE 7/31/12

    Matt, Theresa, and I went out. We got a late start because Matt had to work late. We visited a family who had come to VBS. The mom was not home. The children were being watched by a neighbor named Ben. We spoke with Ben for about 20 minutes. He goes to CLCBC. He mentioned that while he is a beleiver, he does not witness much and that he had not witnessed to his neighbor. We will make another attempt next week. After that we went over the the apartments to check on the many people we had witnessed to there. D & T & J were outside. They were polite, but not interested in having anymore spiritual conversations. We knocked on a door and also met a man in the hallway whom we gave a gospel tract to and some other information. The evening was short and uneventful from a human perspective, but we were faithful. I am sure God can use an hour of faithfulness like some fishes and loaves.  Praise His name. Amen.

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