EE 8/7/12

    Last night Matt, Theresa, and I visited in the home of a woman who allowed her 3 children to come to VBS this year. We attempted to visit her last week, but she was not home, so we made an appointment for last night.  It was a really good visit. Her background was a longtime Methodist. She did not have a clear understanding of what the Bible taught on how to receive eteranl life, but she was interested and willing to listen to us. We were able to share the love of Christ and share the gospel with her. She said it was a lot of information and would be thinking about it. We invited her to the August 26th Greg Laurie Harvest America that Calvary Chapel in Lake Villa is hosting and we thanked her for allowing us to visit her inside of her home. Please pray for this family.

    I asked the diagnostic questions. Theresa shared Grace, Man, and God. Then I shared Christ. We all gave our testimonies and clarified a few things, and then I eventually shared Faith. Matt did some clarifying as well. While a bit disjointed at times, it was a good visit and we are digesting what we did well and what we could have done better. Either way, God is in control and is glorified when we share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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