EE 2/28/11

    Amanda was too sick to drive to CLC on Monday, but well enough that she wanted to attend class; so I said I would drive her, then go to Mundelein to pick up some orders, and then return to the college. I arrived back at the college at about 5:30 pm. Amanda was not scheduled to get out of class until 6:45 pm, so I decided to hand out some gospel tracts and, of course, try to share the gospel. The first person I saw was sitting outside waiting for a ride. Her name was Samantha. After giving her a gospel tract I asked her if she attended church. She said she did; a Presbyterian church in Lake Forest. I then asked her if she could tell me “how to get to heaven”. She said, “no”. I then asked her if she would like to know what the Bible teaches on how to get to heaven. She said, “yes”. I proceeded to share the gospel with her. She listened very intently. At the end I instructed her to read her Bible and to find leaders in her church to help her take the next step of faith in Christ. Pray for Samantha.

    As soon as I finished speaking with Samantha I proceeded to walk inside the college and hand out gospel tracts as I did so. I stopped and asked a man who I had handed a tract to if he attended a church. He said he did; St. Paul’s Catholic Church. I asked him his name. It was Sam…lol…go figure. I asked him the same thing; “could he explain to me how to get to heaven”. He said, “be a good person”. This lead into a discussion about the Law and specifically the ten commandments. As we were getting deeper into the conversation a man walks up and interrupts us. It turned out Sam was carrying a pizza…he was the pizza delivery guy. After he made his transaction we continued talking for another 10 minutes. Sam eventually said he had a religion, did not believe the Bible was translated correctly, and that only the catholic church could interpret the Bible correctly. After that I continued handing out tracts and eventually went to the smoker’s lounge. Pray fro Sam.

    When I arrive at the smoker’s lounge I noticed THEY WERE ALREADY DISCUSSING RELIGION. A whole group of them were talking to a very well dressed young man named Dave. Turns out Dave is a believer from Calvary Christian Center in Lake Villa, IL. After a while I joined in and Dave and I witnessed together to a number of folks.

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