EE 9/11/12

    Matt was unable to make it, so Theresa and I met for prayer. After that I went alone to my new prayer partners home where we discussed things and spent some time in prayer.

    The key to evangelism is not just having a method or memorizing scripture and an outline and some illustrations. Those things are important. But it is more important to go in God’s power and not our own. It is easy for the equipped evangelist to go out and witness. But when we do that without the covering of prayer, we are atempting to do God’s work without God’s power. Prayer is absolutely necessary.

    So often churches will not pray for evangelists. They want to “wait and see” if the evangelist is effective before they begin supporting him/her with prayer. That is absolutely backwards thinking. Pray for God to empower the evangelist. If churches did that once in a while, “Oh what a difference we would see”.

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