EE 9/25/12

    Theresa, Marvin, and I went out on Tuesday evening. We are still visiting folks who allowed their children to come to VBS this summer. Theresa was in charge of the introductions and did a great job. The 2 families that we visited know members of Calvary. The first home we visited “S” came to the door and spoke to us through the screen door. We found out there family attends Village Church of Gurnee. We had a 10 minute chat, thanked “S” and moved on. Our second visit was more productive. When we arrived at the house the family was outside in the driveway. We chatted for about 15 minutes and then I was able to share a church testimony, ask the diagnostic questions, and shared a portion of the gospel. Marvin prayed for “L” in the driveway. It was a good visit, even if it was a bit disjointed. This family also attends another church. Our policy is if a family attends another Christian church that we do not attempt to persuade them to come to our church. That is “sheep stealing” and highly frowned upon. However, I never assume that because they attend a church that they understand the gospel. That is the purpose ofthe diagnostic questions; to know what a person is trusting in to have their sins removed and have eternal life. Many in the churches still trust in “being good” and don’t realize the only thing thing that can wash away their sin is the Blood of Jesus Christ.

    We actually ended early and were back to the church by 8pm. Normally I continue to look for opportunities until 8:15 pm or even as late as 8:30 pm. Because this was Marvin’s first time with us I did not push it. Please pray for these families and for us. Even though I have been doing street evangelism and visitation for 17 years I have so much to learn. Pray for me, that I learn to allow my trainees to flex and grow. Sometimes I come to “the rescue” too early and quench the Spirit.

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