EE 10/30/12

Last night Theresa, Dave and I went out. The first house we went to was a family who had come to VBS in the summer. They did not want to talk to us at that time so we left. We proceeded to the College of Lake County to do some questionaire evangelism. We were able to complete 3 questionaires. I did 2 and Theresa did 1.

The first person I spoke with was Chase. He was an agnostic, but had an extensive church background and was very familiar with church lingo. He attended Catholic, Lutheran, and non-denominational Evangelical church. For whatever reason his questions were not answered. He does not dis-believe in God, but is not actively seeking at this time. He had to go to class, so the discussion ended. Pray for Chase.

The second person we spoke with was Max. Theresa did the questionaire with him and when she was finished she asked him if she could talk more and he said, “YES”. Praise God. Theresa shared Grace, Man, Christ, and a portion of Faith. After she was finished I clarified some things. Max was a great guy, but was unconvinced still. He too was an agnostic, but was trying to live a good life. Pray for Max.

The third person we spoke with was Conrad. Conrad does attend Roman Catholic church on occasion. He believes in God and believes he is going to heaven because, “he has always been a good guy”. God will judge on being more good than bad. After the questionaire I was able to share all of Grace and Man before he had to go to class. Pray for Conrad

All of these young men were great guys. All want to be good people. All of them had significant church backgrounds and yet did not understand the gospel. We tend to assume that college kids don’t know about church. That is a false assumption. The problem is that the churches are not explaining the gospel to them. Pray for these young men and also pray for the churches.

Also, we did hand out about ten gospel tracts as well. Gospel tracts continue to speak even when we have left. Don’t leave home without them. 😉

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