EE 11/6/12

    Even though last evening was an election night our team still went out to share the love of Christ. Theresa, Dave, and I attempted a visit to a home that was referred to us by a memeber of CCLV. When we arrived nobody was home, so we visited the memeber to make sure we went to the right home. We did. She gave us another home in the neighborhood to visit. When we stepped back outside into the cold rainy night I noticed a light was on at the original home, so we went back and knocked on the door. A woman named N opened the door and invited us in.

    All of us participated in the Introduction. I asked N the diagnostic questions. The first one she said she was “pretty sure” she would go to heaven when she died. The second question she said she was trusing in “Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior”. Praise God. Upon hearing her answers that led me to believe she merely needed an assurance of her salvation and proceeded to share the gospel. I shared Grace, briefly shared Man, and then shared God. Before I started Christ I asked, “who do you say Jesus is”? N said that Jesus was a man. As I probed further we found out that N did not know that Jesus was God and did not have an understanding of the Trinity. She was a little unsure about why Jesus had to die. Basically, N needed to do some study of basic Bible doctrine. She has been attending a Bible Church for 2 years. We continued on and shared Christ and Faith. I did not press her for a decision because she needed to take care of her children and because I will see her again on Saturday. We are giving her some furniture. Please pray for N and her continued growth in Christ. God is reaching out to her and she is reaching back. Praise God.

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