EE CCLV 2012

One of the things we do in EE is keep records. Why? It allows us to know what we did and evaluate our progress. It also reminds us of people we still need to pray for. Do you pray for people you may have witnessed to 5 years ago?  Keep notes so that you can. So here is the numbers for 2012:

# of weeks                  31

Typle of contact:

Total teams                   1

Questionaires              46

Door-to-door                18

Gospel Tract only          61

Referral                         4

Personal                          1

Total attempted            134

Total completed             92

Gospel presented:

How many times             20

How many people           31

profession                       3

no decision                     22

christian                          3

for assurance                  3

Gospel not presented:

not admitted                   12

already christian            10

only questionaire             11

only friendly visit           26

only peronal testimony     26

follow up  2nd visit            2

This is only the actual witnessing we do each week as a team in training. The reason for the training is so we are equipped to witness 24/7. The Harvest is white and the workers are few.  Evangelsim in the churches is a topic for intellectual discussion, while it should be the what the church is doing. Pray that this attitude changes.

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