EE 1/24/13

Last night Matt and I went to the College of Lake County. As usual there was an abundance of students willing to talk about religion. We decided to use the questionaire approach.The first person we talked with was a muslim man named Mohammed. He was excited and willing to talk, but after about 5 minutes the young woman who was with him got very nervous and persuaded him to leave.

The next person was Jeremy. He was also very willing to talk, but he only had 15 minutes before he had to catch the bus. We had a great conversation. Jeremy is a seeker. He has read the Bible and attends his friend’s church once a month. He is not convinced yet that Jesus rose from the dead, but he is making the attempt to discern the truth. Praise God for Jeremy, a noble Berean to be sure.

After that I began a discussion with 4 female students. Talking with multiple people can be difficult because one wants to answer every question, and at the same time not be rude. Three of them participated in the questionaire. Steph pretty much had no use for God at all. Liz is a semi-regualr church attender, but was confused on what the Bible teaches about eternal life. Bree was a self proclaimed “catholic jew”, but upon further discussion she has rejected both and is now a secular jew. They did not want to discuss anything further.

By this time it was after 8;30pm and we were going to leave, but Matt had not done a questionaire yet, so we decided to do one more. This turned out to be our divine appointment. Matt shared the entire gospel with a young man named Brian, and he prayed to receive Christ. It was really good. Brian has been attending church most of his life, but what he said was new to him was that eternal life is a free gift (Romans 6:23 & Ephesians 2:8-9). He was already convinced that Jesus was the Son of God, died on the cross, and rose from the dead. He was unsure about going to heaven and said he was “still working” it. Please pray for Brian, that he is able to grow in grace, faith, and knowledge.

The angels rejoiced at CLC last night that the gospel was presented and that a soul accepted Jesus offer of the free gift of eternal life. They also rejoiced that Matt is being trained to be a soul winner. Please pray for all mentioned as well as for Theresa who has been sick and was unable to join the team last night.


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