EE 2/14/13

    Last night Matt and I went to the college and distributed M & Ms with gospel tracts for Valentines Day. We did not go preaching the worlsly definition of Love, but instead shared the Love of Christ. Sacrificial Love. We did 2 questionaires and handed out about 30 tracts. We did briefly ran into Brian, who prayed to receive Christ last time we were there. He was on his way to class, so he did not have a lot of time to talk. Our main contacts were Terry and Nicky. Terry is a believer. Praise God! Nicky was more interested in things about God, but she did not have a lot of time to talk. Pray for Nicky, she has a searching heart.

    Every time I go out witnessing I am struck by how many people are willing to talk. People want to know about God, Jesus, and the Bible. Despite what the media says people are hungry to know the Truth. There is a spiritual hunger in the land. The question is, with so many churches out there, why aren’t they being fed? When will we learn the lesson of the loaves and fishes? When will we learn what is meant by being “the Body of Christ”? I hear many say and pray for “revival” and yet are unwilling to remove the obstacles to revival they themselves have erected. Why won’t they remove them? Fear, pride, and selfishness. SELF! Do you actually know of anyone who actually DENIES HIMSELF and carries the cross? Who actually “esteems others better than himself”? Philippians 2:3.

    I have heard Philippians preached many times. After 19 years of being a Christian I am still waiting to observe it in a Christian community. I have read about it in church history. Count von Zinzendorf and the Moravian pietists come to mind. While not a perfect community, and many would chafe at some of their practices, they had a firm grasp on “one another” that is missing in the modern church. Without brokenness which produces repentance which leads to an outpouring of love for one another and the denial of self there will be no revival. If you are praying for true revival, WATCH OUT! because you might get broken and have all your worldly passions spill out and removed.

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