EE 2/21/13

    Matt, Theresa, and I went to 1 home and 9 apartments. The home was a referral. The man we were going to visit was not home and his father would not open the door nor speak with us. We prayed and then drove to Lake Villa. We returned to a building we had visited earlier and finished the 6 apartments we had not gotten to last time. We also spoke with 2 of the people we had visited with the first time. We met a woman named M who has Lupis. We offered to pray for her but she declined. We prayed for her anyways a few steps away from her apatment. She did take a flyer from us. We left this building and knocked on some apartments that are above businesses in Lake Villa. We met a man named David who was very friendly and attended a different local church. I asked him the diagnostic questions and he is definately a believer. He stood in the cold as though he might be entertaining angels. I am sure if I asked him to, he would have invited us into his apartment.

    While we did not get a chance to share the gospel with anyone we did plant some seeds and encouraged a few believers. Please pray for the apartment building we have visited twice. There is some spiritual resistance there, some stronghold, even though there is a believer in the building. He is struggling financially and maybe doesn’t have the time nor training to reach the lost amongst him. This is common in the churches. There are many believers who have gifts that the body can use, but are unable to because of obstacles such as finances, health, and family problems. And then there are others who have the means to help those in need, but they are selfish and don’t even know it. They give the money to the church which doesn’t use the money to help one another which would build up the body. It’s a repeating cycle, which eventually causes those with gifts and needs to leave the local body. If you have the means, look for those in need. Build one another up so that the body is healthy. When the Body is healthy so much more can be accomplished for the Kingdom.

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