EE 3/14/13

    Last night we had 4 contacts we could have visited. We called three and drove to one, but it was not to be. Matt, Theresa, and I decided to visit an apartment building in Antioch. The first door we knocked on that opened was the daughter of some friends of mine who are solid believers. It was great talking with her. Very encouraging. We proceeded to knock on each door and left a church flyer with whomever opened. We did meet a man who was looking for a church and spoke with him briefly. He is a believer, but has not gotten into a local congregation. Please pray that God leads him to a local fellowship of believers. The final door we knocked on was a young woman who was a Jehovah Witness. She was a little busy and did not want to talk to us very long, but she was polite. I remarked, “we got to knock on your door this time”. Jehovah Witnesses go knocking on doors regularly. While we joke about it, the fact is that they are willing to do for a lie what the vast majority of Christians are unwilling to do for the truth.

    On another note; I met with a customer of mine on Wed to deliver a few sweatshirts. I was waiting for her at Starbucks. She was a little late and asked me what I was doing while I waited. I said I was witnessing to people by asking them about the new pope as a way of starting a spiritual discussion. She told me she was Roman Catholic.  For whatever reason I assumed she was an evangelical. I look forward to future discussions.

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