Taking a Pause

    Since Feb. of 2012 I have been training Matt and Theresa in EE Discipleship Training at Calvary Chapel Lake Villa. It has been a joy and a struggle. The spiritaul warfare that has surrounded the ministry is intense. Because of that I feel the need to take a step back, PRAY, and re-evaluate. Until I get some issues in order and have a more firm prayer life with serious committed prayer partners I feel the need to pause for a moment. Sometimes, because God has been gracious enough to equip me with knowledge on how to share the basic gospel message in a way that people can understand, I can tend to lean on my own strength. This is not the first time I have attempted to start Evangelism Training in a church or organization. Counting the time spent with the LCBA evangelism Booth, this is actually the 5th time in 17 years that I have been involved in an attempt to implement an evangelism training ministry. Because this is not my “first rodeo” I am very sensitive and aware when spiritual warfare begins to get intense. Without going into details I can say that it has gotten intense and that if I do not step back, PRAY, and re-evaluate, some serious damage could happen that I want to avoid. Satan does not want Christians doing evangelism. He especially wants to stop any Evangelism training that equips the saints.  Sometimes it is more prudent to step back and get reinforcements before one advances further.

    I am not going to stop sharing the gospel or handing out gospel tracts. I am merely pausing in doing EE discipleship training on a specific night of the week. I am praying and planning on starting back up in September 2013. I just need a few months to pause. Please pray for me and the direction this training ministry should take in the future.

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