The New GalatiaU

    Dear Friends

I stopped posting for awhile because I am in the process of revamping GalatiaU. I have no problems with the posts of either the “Cleansing Word” or “Possessing the Treasure”. I am thankful to both John & Mike for allowing me to re-post their Bible commentary. I have decided to move forward and make GalatiaU what I had originally envisioned; a site that teaches people how the share the gospel, and also a site that informs you about the progress of the University of Galatia which I am also moving forward with. During the next couple of months I am going to delete much of the old posts and links and replace them with items that are evangelism specific.

The University of Galatia will be a multi-site evangelism training apparatus. I am in the process of seaking partners here in Lake County who are interested in this endeavor. Everyone talks about Evangelism but so many never want to do it. A lady once told D.L. Mooduy that she didn’t like the way he did evangelism. He asked her how she did it. She said she didn’t. He replied, “I like my way of doing evanglism better than yours” (paraphrase).

Many of the churches (pastors) don’t seem to want to do personal evangelism. They prefer preaching from the pulpit (bring your friends to church to hear me) or encouraging talking to strangers on the internet. I oppose neither of those. But even if we do those we should never neglect personal face to face evangelism that leads to opportunites to actually make disciples that add to the local family of believers.  That’s all for now.

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