Why EE is superior!

    I have been doing street evangelism and evangelism training since 1995, nearly 18 years. I was originally trained in Evangelism Explosion (EE), but have been exposed to, studied, and trained in a myriad of other methods. In fact my own method is a hybrid of all I have learned. I have implemented much of “Way of the Master” into the EE format when I witness. I have done Louis Palau, Contagious Christian, F.A.I.T.H. from the SBC, read all the witnessing books when I was taking courses from Moody. I am familiar with the Alpha course, the Q project, My Hope with Billy Graham, etc… I am sure if we looked for books and courses on evangelism we could literally locate thousands of them, and there are many authors writing the same books today, except they are marketing them as new ideas.

    But I am here to tell you that EE training is Superior. Why? The difference is that EE is a discipleship ministry and not just an evangelism class. The “class” portion is a minor part of EE training. The real training is actually doing visitation and watching and learning from the evangelist. Each week the trainees participate as much as they want to and as much as they are able. EE training removes the FEAR and gradually adds on knowledge and confidence. A ‘class” never accomplishes this. If you have attended what someone called EE training and you did not leave the building every week and actually “go out” and do “on the job” (OJT) training, then you did not do EE. You did a class. A class on evangelism is merely another Bible Study. You gain knowledge, but it is rarely applied in the real world. You want to be trained? You want the FEAR of witnessing to go away in a matter of weeks? You want to be able to start a conversation at any time with anyone and never worry about whether or not you have the right answer to anything they counter with?If so, the EE training is for you.

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