whassup 3/10/11

    Earlier this week I sent an e-mail to Evangelism Explosion because I wanted to know which churches in the area were doing EE training. I was looking for some Christians who believe as I do that the best way to advance the Kingdom of God is to make disciples through the local church; training them to share their faith while teaching them how to do so. In less than a half hour a received a phone call…AMAZING. The EE Midwest regional director called me and it turned out he lives locally. We had breakfast together this morning and he updated me about the many exciting new training ministries that EE was offering and he greatly encouraged me.

    Since I finished the Henry Blackaby study “Experiencing God” at the end of 2010, I am stunned at the sudden churning and turmoil that God is doing in my life. It is good churning and yet challenging.

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