EE 3/15/11

    Tuesday night 3/15/11: I drove Amanda to the college and then went and visited my parents for a few hours. I went back to the college at about 7:50, so I basically had an hour until Amanda go out of class. I went to my favorite witnessing spot; the smoker lounge. Four guys walked out together and I began handing tracts to them and they all stopped and we got into an 45 minute theological discussion. I broke the discussion wide open by asking Spencer (he was a younger man who identified himself as a Christian attending a Lutheran church), “How do I get to Heaven?” He started out very well saying that I need to believe in Jesus, but then I asked, “what does that mean?” He said I needed to read my Bible, but I pressed on, “you’re a Christian, can’t you tell me how to get to heaven, what I need to do?” He seemed uncertain, and so I asked if I could explain what I understand that the Bible teaches about etenal life. I then shared the gospel.

    I was greatly aided in my discussion by an african american man named John. He attends a Baptist church in Zion and is a Sunday School teacher. There was another african american man named Crescoe whose theology was all over the place. He was definately on “shifting sand”, and it was very difficult to keep him focused in the discussion. He had some Bible knowledge, but did not believe in a literal “heaven or hell”. The main contact was a man named Kevin. I had met him a few weeks earlier. He currently attends a Roman Catholic church but does not believe in heaven or hell, or that the Bible is true. He also believes in darwinian evolution. He wants to believe in God and Christianity, but he wants God to send him a “sign”. We definately had a lively discussion.

    My prayer for each of these men this morning was as follows:  John; that being involved in an evangelism discussion would spark him to more active outreach. He clearly is a believer and knows his Bible. I don’t think he is active in his outreach.    Crescoe:  needs to decide if he really is dedicated to finding the truth. He said he did want to know the truth, but I challenged him by reminding him that all of us do not know how much time we have on this earth. He may have 50 years, 5 years, or only 5 days. He is definately a jolly soul, but needs to focus a bit.    Kevin:  is seeking but wants a sign. Please send Kevin evidence that would lead him to the Light of Christ.    Spencer: this man has a good heart. He attends church regualrly, but like many Christians is not able to explain the gospel clearly. He trusts Jesus, and he definately knows the gospel now. Please pray that this discussion encourages him to get more training and be bold in his faith.

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