EE 11/8/11

Yesterday I had to do a lot of chasing: Get the truck checked for emissions, have lunch with LCBA leaders, donate blood at Lifesource, get an oil change, stop for coffee, and drive to downtown Chicago to pick up Amanda from school (she stayed very late). We also went to the McDonalds on LaSalle. What all of those destinations had in common was that I either handed someone a gospel tract, left one stategically placed, or both. As believers in Christ it is very important to always have gospel tracts with you, especially if you may not have the time to share it personally with 20 people in a given day. Many people down through the ages have come to Jesus Christ through the witness of gospel tracts.

Many Christians whine that they are not gifted in evangelism, or they don’t know what to say, etc…. There are many reasons Christians are unable to witness. If you are unable, but are still WILLING, then you need to always have gospel tracts on your person. Let them speak even when you cannot.

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