EE 3/22/11

    Went to the college on 3/22/11. I went to the smoker lounge and there was a small group of people (about 5) having a conversation. I sat down on the bench and began praying silently. It must have worked because within less than 2 minutes a guy apologized to me for the language the group was using. I had not been paying attention to what they were saying. This did allow me to begin speaking with them. I spoke with a few of them on and off for about an hour. Kevin (who I spoke with last week) came up and joined in. I was able to give him a Mark Cahill booklet “One Second After You Die”. After the group broke up I went over to the library and the art gallery for awhile to read scripture and look at some art. Upon returning I handed out some gospel tracts and then approached a young man named Chris. He said he was an atheist. We discussed creation, God, and morality. It was a fairly good discussion, but Chris dismissed himself after about 30 minutes. Upon refelction I should have spoken about the Law and the 10 commandments as soon as we were discussing natural laws. A seed was planted. Pray for Chris and continue praying for Kevin.

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