EE 3/26/11

    Amanda and I went to Gurnee Mills shopping center in Gurnee, IL. We were there from 3:15 to 6:30 pm. During that time we handed out nearly 200 gospel tracts and also shared the gospel or portions of it numerous times. I hand out tracts in a couple of different ways. One way is to stand near an exit. I normally give gospel tracts to people leaving the mall. I figure those entering are on their way to somewhere specific and don’t want to be bothered and may set the tract down somewhere else or they might even complain that they are being obstructed from entering. Those leaving are finished shopping. Their minds are much more open. If they do take a gospel tract they are more than likely going to take it with them into their car. Even if they do not read it immediately, they may read it later on in their car or at home. Another way I hand out tracts is as I am walking around and hand them out as the Spirit leads me too. I keep my eyes open for people who are sitting down looking bored. I try not to interrupt people who are engaged in conversation or are shopping.

    I was able to share the gospel a few times. My first opportunity was with an older gentleman named Mike. He was sitting near an exit watching people. I walked up to him and gave him a gospel tract. He told me he attended church regularly and has been sitting in the same pew at a Roman Catholic church for 60 years. I praised him for his regular church attendence and then asked him if he could explain to me how to get to heaven. He siad “be a good person”. This naturally lead into a discussion about the law of Moses and what sin is. I shared the entire gospel with him and prayed with him. He had to get going because his knee was hurting, so I prayed for healing for his knee as well.

    I handed a tract to a muslim woman. She said they beleive in Jesus too. When we got specific she said he was only a prophet. I then probed her as to where his prophecies were contained. She said, “The Torah” and then corrected herself. I probed further. Eventually she admitted that she believed the only valid scriptures was the Quran and that according to Islam Jesus hasn’t any specific prophecies. She did not want to even acknowledge that there was such a thing as the New Testament. I also met a young woman who was an atheist. Her name is Lauren. I handed her a tract and then she started to ask me questions. We had a very good polite discussion. On the way out of the mall I met a young man named Connor. He was very exited that I was at the mall telling people about Jesus.He was planning on attending a church on Sunday and claiming to be a Christian he said he still had a problem with the Bible because he beleived in Darwin’s theory of evolution. I gave him some reading material and some contact information and we agreed to hopefully meet again. Please pray for Connor, Lauren, Mike, and the other 200 people we had contact with.

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