EE 4/16/11

    On Satruday 4/16/11 I woke up at 5 am in order to arrive at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center by 7:30 am. I accompanied a group of Christians for the day in order to share the love of Christ to some young people who have gotten into trouble. This event was hosted by Bill Glass Evangelism. It was a great day. Arrived on time. I was put into a group with two other evangelists and we spent a few hours in 5A. Most of the young men were 16 and possibly facing 20+ years in jail. One young man told me he was getting life. We were able to share the entire gospel with 3 young men; Elias prayed to receive Jesus as Savior. Eric and Johnny renewed their commitment to Jesus. We had a very good discussion. We had lunch inside the cell and then afterwards played some cards with them. I met Adonus, Brown, and Barry after lunch. Adonus was definately a believer. Brown wanted nothing to do with it, he just wanted to play cards. Barry was beginning to open up, but then we had to leave. Please pray for these young men.

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