EE 4/17-19/2011

    On Sunday 4/17/11 I went to my friend’s home and also to my brother’s home. While I have shared the gospel numerous times with them, I really felt as though I missed some opportunities on Sunday.

    On Tuesday 4/19/11 I normally go witnessing at CLC. Because it was my mom’s birthday on 4/20/11, I went to visit with her. When I arrived Robin, Kathy, and Kyle were there as well. Scott, Cody, and Zack were at the bowling alley. I did not go with any plans to share the gospel, I did go to pray that the denomic influence would be removed.

    I went back to CLC and hung out in the commons. I did a little follow up with Kevin. A number of these guys are used to me now and are opening up a bit. Pray for Kevin, Peter, Sparkey, and Bear.

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