EE 3/27/12

    Last night Theresa, Norma, and I went to visit an elderly member of the church named Evelyn. It was a great visit. We shared the love of Christ, got to know her better, and prayed with her. It was a great evening. All were encouraged. As we left Evelyn’s apartment she stood in the hallway and watched us leave. She wanted us to stay longer. Very sweet.

    Those of you who know me know how much I love to share the gospel with those who are lost. There are times where we also encourage one another, teach each other, pray with one another, and love one another. Last night the EE training was not about how to share the gospel. It was about visiting those in the body of Christ and showing them love and concern and praying for them.

    Thank you Norma for filling in the last two weeks while Matt was on vacation. It was a joy.

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