EE 4/24/12

Matt, Theresa, and I had a visit with a family who has been visiting CCLV on and off for a year. This is an appointment Matt had set-up. The family lives near Matt and his children go to school and are friends with M’s children. Matt and Theresa did the entire introduction while I played hot wheels with M’s 5 year old son. Theresa shared her testimony. After about an hour I shared a church testimony and asked M the diagnostic questions. She was sure of going to heaven and gave a somewhat murky answer to the second question, but affirmed that Jesus had died for her. I asked if I could share with her what the church teaches on how to receive eternal life and she said yes. I then proceeded to share the entire gospel. After I finished sharinf Matt was able to share his testimony as well. We prayed with M before we left and she is planning on coming to church in the future.

During our conversation M said that the Christian Motorcycle Association had shared with her previously and that she had been “re-born” then. Previously she had a Lutheran/Catholic background. There is no doubt that M loves God and believes in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus and believes that Jesus is Lord and Savior. She is struggling with many issues at this time in her life. Our visit was to share the love of Christ and re-assure to her the message of the Cross. Please pray for M as she grows in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord. I think attending an adult Bible Study would be good for her. Discipleship.

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