EE missionary

      It is an endless frustration to listen to pastors who want to “grow the church” or have the people “do evangelism”. They will try anything from washing cars to revival meetings and concerts in order to attract people to “come to church”. What they will not do is basic discipleship. Why? It’s hard. It takes time. It brings on spiritual warfare. It’s not as fun as picnicing, concerts, or 4-wheeling. I have known pastors who will allow their churches to dwindle to a handful of church attenders rather than disciple them how to share their faith. There are other pastors of larger churches where the members are having tons of fun, but the pastor does not know if the members are saved or not. Hey, they’re coming, maybe eventually they will hear a message and “give their heart to Jesus”.

    Everyone in church and church leadership “talks” about evangelism and if you attend a baptist church you may hear someone praying for “revival”. While I appreciate sermons on discipleship, what we really need is pastors and leaders “modeling” discipleship. How does that look? Open the Bible. Jesus had 12 disciples. They walked, talked, and ate together. Some were closer to him than others; Peter, James, and John. Jesus brought them with Him as he ministered to individuals and to the masses. We also have Paul’s example. He took Timothy and Silas with him as well as many others. He travelled with Barnabas and John Mark. The Great Comission in Matthew 28:18-20 is to make disciples. Implementing EE into the church gives us a wonderful tool to accomplish this goal. It is not a program. My faith, my knowledge, and my passion to share the gospel with the lost is way stronger because I was trained in EE when I first became a Christian.

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