EE 5/1/12

    Praise God! We finished our first semester of classroom training. Thirteen weeks of classroom and OJT (on the job training). Matt and Theresa were faithful and never gave up. Now what? We continue to go out on Tuesday evenings seeking the lost and doing OJT. The goal is for Matt and Theresa to be equipped as trainers so that they can take their own teams out and train them. Discipleship & Multiplication.

    Last night we went to the College of Lake County for the 2nd time this semester. We immediately went to the smoking lounge by the commons and began talking to people. The first young man I met was wearing a large cross and it turned out his dad was a former pastor and now heads up a ministry. Praise God. The next person we spoke to was a young woman. Theresa had struck up a conversation with her and had asked her the 1st question. Turns out she has been attending a large evangelical church in the area since she was 7 (she is now 20). Without going inot any details she said she “doesn’t know if she wants to live for God”. WHoa. She still regularly attends this church, but somehow did not fully understand the gospel, although she did know portions of it such as Jesus dying for our sins, the need for repenting of sin, the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. She has experienced a lot of pain, and much of it from the church I suspect. Please pray for this dear young woman. Her name is SmT.

    Next we met a believer named Tim. He had many struggles going on, but was clearly joyful. He also was wearing a large cross. Pray for Tim.

    After talking with Tim we were standing around talking about the “National Day of Prayer” and handing out gospel tracts and two people approached us. A lady who was greek orthodox began talking to Matt and Theresa. They shared with her briefly,m but she had to get back to class. I began talking with a young man named NK. It turns out NK’s father died in December. He was now trying to help his family cope with the loss. During our lengthy discussion I shared the entire gospel with NK. Matt and Theresa also participated. Matt shared about Man and Theresa shared about God. Afte we finished NK said he wanted to pray to receive Christ. We prayed with him and gave him some materials. NK’s younger sister has been attending a local church I am familiar with. I told NK he should go to church with her and attend Bible study. I gave NK my business card as well as an invite to Calvary Chapel. I asked him to keep in touch with me. Please pray for NK and his entire family. They need the Lord.


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