EE 2/22/11

    I went to the College of Lake County (CLC) in Grayslake IL to do some evangelism. I have been going there on Tuesday evenings for a couple of weeks handing out gospel tracts. This particular evening I decided to change things up a bit. From 7-8 pm I walked around asking various people for prayer requests and wrote down each request. At 8pm I stopped taking requests and went into a secluded section of the library and prayed for 1 hour. I specifically spent extra time on each prayer request. At 9 pm I walked around handing out gospel tracts and seeking opportunities to share the gospel. I have found my favorite spot to be the entrance to the smoker lounge at the center of the college. After handing out a few tracts I noticed a young man standing alone about 10 feet away. I approached him and handed him a gospel tract. He told me he did not believe in heaven. I asked him “so you believe that everyone lives and then dies and we are just essentially worm food?”. He said, “yes”. I then asked, “so it doesn’t matter how we live?” He thought about that and said that it did matter. I asked, “why?” He could not answer that. I then proceeded to discuss the 10 commandments with him. In the process we talked about JUSTICE. He saw a need for human justice, but not for divine justice. I talked about the nazis killing jews and proceeded to current events. I said it was unlikely that the rest of the world would do anything about Ghaddafi in Libya. If he wins and in the process kills thousands of people who will bring him to justice? He had no answer. A seed was planted. Pray for this young man (we will call him Cadesh. God knows who he is).

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