EE 5/8/12

    Matt, Theresa, and I went back to the apartments in Antioch to follow-up on a previous contact who said we could come on over, so we did. Turns out “Dn” was not home from work yet, so we spoke with his wife J. We asked her the 1st question and she said, she “hopes to go to heaven”. I shared 1John 5:13 with her and asked if she would like to know for certain. She said not right now.

    So we went back outside where 3 people ( T, R, J ) were sitting around talking. I introduced the team and began telling them what we were doing. We were able to share the entire gospel and answered many questions about the church. It was a really good visit. I asked the diagnostic questions, Matt shared Grace, Theresa shared Man, and then I finished the rest of the gospel. From everything shared it appears R & J are both saved. T still has some questions regarding the authenticity of the scriptures, but does not deny God or the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

    R & J are a married couple with 3 children. They are looking for a church to attend, so we invited them to Calvary Chapel. T is currently attending another church in the area. Please pray that all of them are able to find a fellowship where they can be loved & discipled.

    Just before we left “H” came outside and we got to speak and pray with her. We had previously shared the gospel with her a few months ago and we knocked on her door a second time. This was our third contact with “H”. We still have an open door for a fourth contact. Pray for that opportunity as well. 

    Evangelism Explosion is a discipleship training ministry as well as an outreach to the lost. Matt and Theresa are progressing well. Please pray for me that I step back ore often and allow them to share more. Sometimes I get on a roll and forget that. I am stepping back, but I know that I can do better and pray the Spirit works through them.

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