EE 5/15/12

    Matt, Theresa, and I were planning on going to some homes in Lake Villa, but when we left the church it was raining. We began driving and praying. I was going to go to some apartments, but we went to Wal-Mart instead. When we got out of the vehicle there was a huge double rainbow in the eastern sky. Pretty cool.

    We began handing out gospel tracts. Matt had a short conversation with a lady on her work break. When the weather cleared we were getting ready to go back to the original plan and visit some houses. I spotted a young man coming outside for a smoke break and was immediately drawn to him. His name is Paul. We had a good conversation with him for nearly 20 minutes. He did not believe in God or right and wrong. He believed in evolution as well. His friend Kyle came over and joined the discussion as well. Kyle is an agnostic. They had to go back to work so we gave them some gospel tracts.

    After that Theresa struck up a conversation with a woman named Amber and invited her to church. She was/is a Roman Catholic, but her husband is a Christian. After speaking with Amber, Kyle returned and told us his manager wanted us to leave. Since it was already after 8pm we were ready to leave before he even asked us. No problem. Please pray for Paul, Kyle, and Amber as well as the other people who received gospel tracts.


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