EE 5/10/11

    My final night witnessing at CLC this semester: First I had to have a cup of coffe and tell the vendor to have a good summer and give him a nice tip. I ran into Peter at the coffee kiosk. He did not have enough money for what he wanted. I gave him the rest of the money he needed and thanked him for being so kind to me during the semester. He was one of the first people that actually listened and dialogued with me in the common area. It was because I had a relationship with Peter that allowed me to step into a group of folks talking in the commons and not be seen as a “stranger”. Somebody knew me, and that somebody was Peter. After our initial conversation many weeks ago I never pressed Peter for continual dialogue. Why? Becuase after we had spoken for a good 40 minutes Peter knew where I was coming from. Every week when he would see me handing out tracts or sharing the gospel he could evaluate me and knew he could always seek me out if he wanted to talk further. Whenever I saw him I said hello, so there was ample opportunity for him to speak to me. I planted seeds and even watered them, but God is responsible for the soil and God gives the increase. Please pray for Peter that God will complete the work in his life to salvation.

    After that I did some reading and prayed for divine appointments. I had a dialogue with a man I will call “Douglas”. He found out that I had a screenprinting business doing T-shirts and called me over to sit by him, so we talked about that for quite some time. When he said he had to get to class for his final I gave him and his friends gospel tracts. I built a bridge of friendship in 15 minutes and earned an opportunity.

    I went walking around the college handing out tracts when the opportunity presented itself. I did get to walk and talk with a young man who was a former Lutheran and was now an agnostic. He said he beleived in science. I said, “so do I”. During our dialogue I spoke to him about great scientists, men of intellect, who were also Christians; men like Newton and Copernicus. His tome began to change and he said he was going to re-think what he believes. I also had a short dialogue with a young lady who was waiting outside for a pizza delivery. Turns out her dad has a screenprinting business as well. So we chatted about that and she kept the tract I gave her. After this it was nearly 8 pm so I headed back to the commons.

    My last encounter was with a man named Dan. Dan was counting pennies to see if he had enough money for a coffee. I told him to put away his pennies and that I would buy him some coffee. We sat down and chatted for about 45 minutes. Dan is 38 and hears voices. He is heavily medicated. He has attended many churches during his life, has been baptized, but does not believe that Jesus is the Savior. He believes in a lot of stuff. Right now he is into hinduism and quantum physics (basically that there are billions of universes with minor variations overlapping one another and that each universe is a seperate reality). Dan has read the hindu scripture; the “Bhagavad Gita”. I know a woman who was raised in the Nazarene church (her father was the pastor) who read the “Gita” and that is when she aquired “many new voices”. At this time she is so heavily medicated that she barely goes out anymore.

     I told Dan that he is in bondage, not only with sin but also with false teachings. The false teachings have brought demonic activiy into his life to the point where he cannot live normally. He requires serious and powerful medications that prevent him from having a job or a family. I prayed for Dan to be set free from the bondage of demonic influence and that people would come into his life to love him into the Kingdom

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